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Top 100 Lesbian Vacation Novels

If you are anything like me then you love to take a good book with you on vacation, which is why we put together this must-read Top 100 Lesbian Vacation

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Twist of Fate by Syd Parker: Book Review

Twist of Fate by Syd Parker is the story I would expect if the movie Twister was about two women. Parker gives us the excitement of chasing twisters across the

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The Killing Ground by Syd Parker: Book Review

The Killing Ground by Syd Parker is an exceptional suspense thriller that gets everything right. Not only do you get the signature slow burn romance Parker is known for, you

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100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With

Welcome to The Lesbian Review’s list of 100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With. This list will introduce you to new authors and the books that we recommend you start

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Top 10 Lesbian Sports Romances

As a lover of sports, and a lover of women, I wanted a Top 10 of Lesbian Sports Romances. This time of year, there are many women’s sports leagues starting

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Remember Me by Syd Parker: Book Review

Remember Me by Syd Parker is a slow-burn romantic story that pays homage to ancestry and heritage by taking us on a journey to discover love, acceptance, and most importantly

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10 Best Lesbian Romance Novels For Foodies – Guest Review by Aurora Rey

The 10 Best Lesbian Romance Novels For Foodies is a fantastic guest list by Aurora Rey. – Sheena I love to cook. I also write lesbian romance. It’ll come as

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