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Sugar and Ice by Eule Grey: Book Review

From our review: “My favorite thing in this book has to be the most original haunt ever. While it is actually scary and dangerous it’s also wonderfully silly and character specific.”

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Beyond Any Experience by Anne E Terpstra: Book Review

Beyond Any Experience by Anne E Terpstra is a beautiful, anguish-filled, age-gap romance, about grieving, moving on, and allowing yourself to be happy. Olivia Northman lost her wife 3 years

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Gods of Inthya by Effie Calvin: Book Review

Gods of Inthya by Effie Calvin is a wonderful addition to the Tales Of Inthya series. In this one we discover the gods of the world with nineteen short stories

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Love, Lorena by Ivy L. James: Book Review

Love, Lorena by Ivy L. James is a delightful contemporary romance that proves that fairy tales do exist. Lorena Garcia Fernandez has built her successful matchmaking company, Love, Lorena from

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We Kraken by Eule Grey: Book Review

We Kraken by Eule Grey is a YA dystopian fantasy that unexpectedly hit me hard in the feels. When I read the excerpt, I was expecting more of a monster

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Nurturing Hope by Kara Ripley: Book Review

Nurturing Hope by Kara Ripley is a contemporary romance of surprise love with some up front views on politics, family and parenthood and learning to live with hope in your

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Queen by J.S. Fields: Book Review

Queen by J.S. Fields is a majestic science fiction story set on Queen a tidally locked planetoid covered in red sand, where ‘the mornings look like blood’. Fields has written

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41 Best Erotic Romances

It’s with great joy that we bring you TLR’s 41 Best Erotic Romances. We defined the erotic romance is a book as a story where the main character’s growth is driven by

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