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Pages from the Book of Broken Dreams by Kat Jackson: Book Review

Pages from the Book of Broken Dreams by Kat Jackson is a slow burn romance between two young women already burned out from life. Harboring large and dark secrets is

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Love Among the Ruins by Catherine Maiorisi: Audiobook Review

Love Among the Ruins by Catherine Maiorisi is a beautiful contemporary about love and healing during a month-long tour of Italy. Calliope DeAndre and Dana Wittman are two women navigating

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Pony Dakota by Nat Burns: Book Review

Pony Dakota by Nat Burns is a slow-burn workplace romance that takes readers on a journey from  Albuquerque to rural Virginia. Emma Vernon, a tech genius, takes a trouble-shooting job

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Whispers in the Stacks by edited by M.J. Lowe: Listing

From pragmatic librarians finding unexpected connections to visitors discovering more than just books, Whispers in the Stacks: An Anthology of Library Love Stories explores love in quiet corners and among

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Loyalty by E.J. Noyes: Book Review

Loyalty by E.J. Noyes is a not-a-spy, not-an-espionage, kind of romantic suspense type book. It’s book three in the Halycon Division series and has the most amazing main character to

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