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This should explain how to get reviewed on The Lesbian Review – Updated: 11 Jan 2024

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Additional important notes

Check out all of our review requirements for book reviews below

Book Reviews

Important: We only review women-loving-women books. This means we review books with lesbian or bisexual leads who end up with women. We don’t care who writes the book, just that the main character is a queer woman. And we don’t review male/female books at all.

The submission process

1 Submit your book using this form

2 Agree to the submission terms below on the form above

3 The book information gets emailed to the team and put on a spreadsheet

4 If the team picks up the book we will email you to ask for an epub copy. If you don’t hear from us then your book was not picked up for review. If the team does not pick up the book then there is no need to resubmit. The request is still accessible to the team should they want to pick it up at a later point.

Submission Terms For Books – Please read these

  1. We need books to be submitted as epub copies.
  2. Our reviews will always be honest.
  3. If we don’t like a book we don’t review it, our goal is not to put people off, but rather to promote books we like. We let you know if this is the case.
  4. No payment is required for reviews. This is a free service.
  5. It will take a couple of months for us to review your book, we are dealing with high volumes of review requests and we work in advance scheduling reviews sometimes a few months ahead of time.
  6. You will not get to see the review before it is published, this maintains the integrity of the website and ensures that readers get an honest review.

What we do and don’t review & what we need a heads up about

  1. We are looking for women loving women novels predominantly, non-fiction is not generally our cup o’ tea. We will look at non-fiction submission, though, so please do send them.
  2. We accept fiction and non fiction in all genres as long as the main character is a woman who loves women.
  3. We don’t review poetry.
  4. Please note that we do not review series novels beyond book one if each book is not a stand-alone story. By this I mean that the main characters are different or it has a complete plot that can stand alone without needing to read the rest of the series.
  5. We do not accept non-sapphic books for review. So no books about straight couples, gay guys or two lesbians and guy.
  6. Transgender lesbian novels are still considered lesbian novels. Please make it clear in your synopsis that the character is trans so we can tag it accurately in the review.
  7. Bisexual women characters are fine as long as there is no explicit male/female on page sex in the novel. And ultimately we want a female/female couple to get together. Please make it clear in your request so we can tag it accurately in the review.
  8. We generally like Happy Ever After Endings so please let us know if the book is not a HEA novel. If we are not forewarned we will probably not enjoy it.
  9. Reviewers select the books they review. We do not stipulate what they should or should not pick up.

Worth noting: We don’t send the book or the cover to the team. The cover is used on the actual review and only reviewers who pick up a book for review get a copy of that book.

We don’t allow reviewers to overload themselves with books and each reviewer has a quota of books that they can take on based on how frequently they review.

Bear In Mind

We do this as a passion project. If a book, movie or music does not excite us or interest us then we will reject it. This is free for creators and readers/listeners/viewers and it was started as a way to share things that I have enjoyed.

There are no big sponsors behind us, we all volunteer our time.

This is not a site about the LGBTQA+ community and it’s not a general media platform. We cannot be everything to everyone, no matter how awesome we are.

We review sapphic media that we have enjoyed. That’s it.

If you think that a part of the community is underserved then do what I did and start your own site to serve that niche. Let’s build a better community together.