Mystery (B)

A genre that involves something that needs to be solved. It could be anything from mysterious death to a piece of art that has been stolen and needs to be recovered.

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Art of the Chase by Jennifer Giacalone: Book Review

Art of the Chase by Jennifer Giacalone is a second chance, enemies to lovers, romantic suspense. It has the most wonderful chemistry between the main characters and a thrilling mystery

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Tile M for Murder by Felicia Carparelli: Book Review

From our review: “Beginning with the title, there is a lot of cleverness going on in this book. There is an old noir film titled Dial M for Murder and, as with the title, there are a lot of references to older film and literary characters.”

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The Rebels of Psiere by K. Aten: Book Review

From our review: “With this being the third book in the Mystery of the Makers series, I opted to not read the first two books to provide a review of this book alone. K. Aten provides enough background information at the beginning of The Rebels of Psiere to allow readers to slide right into this story.”

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Moon Over Cape Cod by Renn Loraine: Book Review

From our review: “Moon Over Cape Cod is a quick read thanks to a smooth style and a page-turning plot. Renn Loraine did a good job of intertwining the mystery elements with the romantic ones”

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Perilous Things by Elizabeth Andre: Book Review

From our review: “What seems a bit of a cozy mystery quickly becomes a dangerous game to people directly and indirectly involved. When the team itself is threatened, the threat feels very real with an edge of the seat thrill.”

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21 Weeks: Weeks 1 to 7 by R.A. LaShea: Book Review

From our review: “The beginning and the character of Nash are brilliant. There is clever exposition around the gradual reveal”

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A Restless Truth by Freya Marske: Book Review

From our review: “This was one of the most entertaining novels I’ve ever read. Fans of historical fiction, magic realism, or steamy romance will all be very pleased with A Restless Truth”

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Stemming the Tide by Rebecca K Jones: Book Review

From our review: “Mack is a great character with flaws and issues and a lack of success in her relationships. She is self-aware and three-dimensional and it is satisfying to follow her”

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Sugar and Ice by Eule Grey: Book Review

From our review: “My favorite thing in this book has to be the most original haunt ever. While it is actually scary and dangerous it’s also wonderfully silly and character specific.”

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Perilous Passages by Edale Lane: Audiobook Review

From our review: “One of the great things about Holmesian mysteries is how they engage the reader in trying to work them out. The author always gives enough clues to figure out whodunnit, but I was led astray a couple of time”

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