Magic User (B)

A main character or secondary character that uses magic

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In The Roses of Pieria by Anna Burke: Book Review

From our review: “I’m suffering from a serious book hangover right now and I wished that I could have spent more time with Fiadh and Clara because Anna Burke really brought them to life for me.”

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Lucky Jinn by Eule Grey: Book Review

From our review “Jinn is innocent and clumsy but yearns for the love of a strong butch woman.”

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In Charm’s Way by Lana Harper: Book Review

From our Review: “This romantic comedy is set in the delightful town of Thistle Grove and features a returning cast from previous books. But it is entirely stand-alone if you are like me and have not read the others.”

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The Shape-Shifter Series by Jae: Audiobook Review

From our review, “It is clear that Jae invested a cat-load of time developing the lore of the Wrasa and it was definitely time well invested.”

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Sweet Nothings and Other Confections by Sula Sullivan: Book Review

From our review: “With whimsy and breezy banter throughout, the story as a whole is a pleasant mashup of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, for an adult audience”

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Empress of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews: Audiobook Review

From our review: “This is the final book of the trilogy so start with Princess of Dorsa if you haven’t read it yet. But the entire series is very worth it.”

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Midlife is the Cat’s Meow by Miranda Macleod and T.B. Markinson: Book Review

Midlife is the Cat’s Meow by Miranda Macleod and T.B. Markinson is a paranormal cozy mystery set on an island off the east coast that is the ancestral home to

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Outcast by KJ: Book Review

Outcast by KJ Rhiannon Clarke’s week has been unkind, what with having her identity stolen and being relentlessly pursued by underworld thugs. During her escape, she seeks cover in a

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Executive: A Guide to Becoming a Pirate Queen by Jayde Russell: Book Review

Executive: A Guide to Becoming a Pirate Queen by Jayde Russell is a super long title for a super amazing book that combines two of my favourite genres: fantasy and

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Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson: Book Review

Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson is an enemies to lovers, forced proximity romance between a dangerous pirate and a magic user on the run after escaping the gallows. The

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