Lucky Jinn by Eule GreyLucky Jinn by Eule Grey is a short and sweet fantasy about an ancient Jinn who is terrible at magic but meets the butch woman of her dreams.

Magic is not Jinn’s strong suit, which is unfortunate for a Djinn. While granting three wishes she ends up trapped in her bottle for an inconceivable time, dreaming of a strong butch woman who would save her from the tiny prison.

Digging useless holes in a supposedly wet garden is Shelly’s latest job. It doesn’t pay well, but she doesn’t hate the outdoors work that keeps her strong. She does become concerned one day when she begins to hear a sweet voice in her head asking for help.


With a clever premise, the author keeps everything moving quickly with few characters and settings. Both main characters narrate this short piece about two women who have a lot of love in their heart but have yet to feel the love returned. The author is adept at portraying the bright and hopeful aspect of young love. Shelly and Jinn both have good reason to question the motivations of other people, but there is no distrust shown here, only hope and love.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Jinn is innocent and clumsy but yearns for the love of a strong butch woman. Shelly dreams of finding someone she can care for and who will love her back. The author portrays young love as bright and hopeful, and even the most unexpected person can be your perfect match. The antagonist to the young lovers is there mostly to move the plot along, and I was fine with that because this is not a story about hardship and angst. I found myself grinning at this lighthearted and heartfelt romance.

Heads Up


The Conclusion

A butch and a femme meet under the most unusual of circumstances. Jinn is stuck in her magic bottle tossed off a boat into the ocean for unknown years. Shelly has a gardening job that requires her to dig a lot of holes. One day while digging a hole she hears the sweet voice of a super nice woman in her head and assumes she’s just crazy.

This sweet, clever story is the kind a reader would go to for a quick and lovely happiness fix. The author creates a bright and hopeful young love between two women who meet under wildly unlikely circumstances.

Excerpt from Lucky Jinn by Eule Grey

She cheered up and we had the best chat I’d had in years; perhaps forever. “My name is Jinni. I’m a magical spirit as ancient as the sky.”

Magic spirit. I mean. “Aww, nice. I’m a gardener. Well, actually, I can do pretty much anything physical. Building or carrying. Don’t suppose you’ve got any work for me, have you?”

She squealed. “Building? Ooh, do you really? Mistress, you are strong and clever. Hot, too!”

My cheeks blushed up like a post box. “Ha-ha. Maybe.” I made a mental note to omit the takeaways and instead follow my sister’s advice and eat wild rice and lettuce.

We talked about work. Oddly, she wanted to hear about my muscles and seemed fascinated by everything I said. Chatting with her was the best fun I’d had in years. She was as different from my ex as an apple to a potato.

I’d have been a fool to pretend I couldn’t hear her. Why dwell on reality or facts—what was the point? Instead, I concentrated on the tone of her voice and the words behind the ones she spoke aloud. I heard regret and sorrow when she claimed to be a magical spirit. I’d told the odd lie or two myself over the years. I knew what it was like to feel inadequate. For the first time in my life, I was able to hold a conversation and feel fully part of it.

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ISBN number: 9781685504588

Publisher: Indie Author

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