Romance (B)

Hearts and flowers – All romance falls in here – then you also tag one of the two categories below

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Loyalty by E.J. Noyes: Book Review

Loyalty by E.J. Noyes is a not-a-spy, not-an-espionage, kind of romantic suspense type book. It’s book three in the Halycon Division series and has the most amazing main character to

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25-39 Lead (B)Action Novels (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Butch / Stud Lead (B)Celebrity (B)Criminal (B)Euphemistic / TamePhysical Relations (B)Fated Love / Soulmates (B)Femme Lead (B)Historical (B)Historical Thriller (B)Lesbian (B)Reviews & ListsSeries (B)Thrilling Reads (B)

Last Barrel by Stacy Lynn Miller: Book Review

Last Barrel by Stacy Lynn Miller is a historical thriller set in the era of Prohibition, gangsters and the burgeoning power of Hollywood. Three years after the Whiskey War swept

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25-39 Lead (B)40+ Lead (B)Age Gap (May / Dec) (B)Books Fiction (B)Erotic Romance (B)Fantasy Novels (B)Hot Physical Relations (B)Lesbian (B)Magic User (B)Opposites Attract (B)Realtor / Property sales (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Speculative Fiction (B)Trapped Together / Forced Proximity (B)

firelight by Sabrina Blaum: Book Review

firelight by Sabrina Blaum is an exquisite forbidden romance with deception, power struggles, and loads of magick. The sudden shift in fate thrust Gwendoline Dagon into a position she never

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25-39 Lead (B)American Lead (B)Bisexual / Pansexual Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Butch / Stud Lead (B)Contemporary (B)Divorcee (B)Dramatic Romance (with lots of angst) (B)Femme Lead (B)Highly Recommended Books (B)Hot Physical Relations (B)Lesbian (B)Medical Professional (B)Reviews & ListsRomance Between(B)Tara's Favourite (B)Tech Specialist (B)Trapped Together / Forced Proximity (B)

Houseswap 101 by Jaime Clevenger: Book Review

Houseswap 101 by Jaime Clevenger is a contemporary romance I will be eternally grateful for because it introduced me to the term “housebutch.” Robbie Price lives and works in Seattle

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25-39 Lead (B)Actress (B)American Lead (B)Asian Lead (B)Bartender (B)Black Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Celebrity (B)Coming Out (B)Contemporary (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Soccer / Football (B)Sports Player (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)

Colstead and Andie by Olivia Janae: Book Review

Colstead and Andie by Olivia Janae is a fun sapphic romance from the perspective of a fan falling in love with one of her favourite actors. While it’s a celebrity

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25-39 Lead (B)Action Novels (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Contemporary (B)Dramatic Romance (with lots of angst) (B)Fated Love / Soulmates (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Series (B)Shifter (B)Small Business Owner (B)Speculative Fiction (B)Supernatural (B)Transgender Lead (B)Urban Fantasy (B)

Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott: Book Review

Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott is a supernatural adventure romance between a reluctant alpha werewolf and a woman with a big secret. For the last five years Wren

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25-39 Lead (B)American Lead (B)Australian Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Stud Lead (B)Chef / Foodie (B)Contemporary (B)Equestrian / Horse Breeder (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Opposites Attract (B)Rancher (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)Workplace (B)

Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue: Book Review

Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue is an opposites-attract contemporary romance that made me all mushy and left me longing to camo under the stars in Outback Australia. Hayley Reed is a

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American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Coming Out (B)Contemporary (B)Highly Recommended Books (B)Jenna's Favourite (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)New Adult (18 - 24) Lead (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Series (B)Slow Burn Romance (B)Small Business Owner (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)

Finding Molly Parsons by Alyson Root: Book Review

Finding Molly Parsons by Alyson Root is a delightful coming-of-age sapphic romance. Faith Parsons, 18 and eager to make her lesbian debut, must escape an oppressive religious community in rural

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25-39 Lead (B)Accountant / CFO (B)Amateur Detective (B)American Lead (B)Audiobook (B)Books Fiction (B)CEO (B)Chapstick (B)Femme Lead (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Period Piece (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Slow Burn Romance (B)Workplace (B)

Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker: Audiobook Review

Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker is a romance built around a fraud investigation. Something that doesn’t sound at all sexy and yet it’s Kallmaker so you know that it will

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American Lead (B)Artist (B)Bildungsroman / Coming Of Age (B)Books Fiction (B)Coming Out (B)Contemporary (B)Highly Recommended Books (B)Mildred's FavouriteNo Graphic Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Slow Burn Romance (B)Student (B)Toaster Oven ("Converting Hetero") (B)Young Adult (15-18) Lead (B)

The No Girlfriend Rule by Christen Randall: Book Review

The No Girlfriend Rule by Christen Randall is a slow burn young romance that is heavy on tabletop role playing and becoming one with your true self. If there’s one

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