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When life hands you the unimaginable, you can either have a breakdown or a breakthrough.

Paisley, a successful psychologist, runs a thriving practice in downtown Knoxville. She’s worked hard to build a lucrative career and it shows, from her tailored designer wardrobe to her luxurious penthouse condo. But, when she encounters a patient who makes her face her hidden past, her carefully contrived lifestyle begins to unravel. She seems to have all the answers except when it comes to her own life.

Rae, a tough on the surface paramedic with a heart of gold, wants more out of life than the meaningless hookups her coworkers seem content with. Determined to put her energy into her career, running, and playing grease monkey with her collection of vintage vehicles, Rae is convinced she has all she needs to live a fulfilled life.

Thrown together in the wake of a tragedy, both women struggle with the attraction they instantly feel for the other. More than aware of the dangers associated with trauma bonding, Rae questions every interaction as Paisley questions who she is.

Will they find a way to triage the hardships they face? Or will Paisley’s inability to break through leave them both in need of counsel?


Title: Paisley’s Breakthrough 

Author: Amber Perez

Release date: 20 January 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Contemporary romance, should they/ shouldn’t they, paramedic, therapist, coming out

Series: Worlds Apart Romance Series 

Available on KU: Yes


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Will an attraction formed in tragedy bring healing or more hurt?


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