The Fling by Rebekah WeatherspoonThe Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon is an erotic romance that is sexy and romantic all at once.

Annie Collins is just three months away from her wedding. She has always had a fantasy about being with a woman, but she’s never acted on it. When her fiancé Jeff goes to Europe for a month-long “hall pass”, Annie feels like this is the perfect opportunity to explore her dormant desire. Afterall, if Jeff gets one month of no-questions-asked sex, why shouldn’t she?

Enter Oksana Gorinkov. She and Annie enjoy an easy client/trainer relationship when they are at the gym, but when Annie considers a night of passion with another woman, Oksana is at the top of her list of potential partners. Oksana is an open lesbian who happens to be gorgeous, sexy, and happy to help Annie realize her fantasy.

Their one night of passion is something that neither woman expects it to be. Besides the mind-blowing sex, they realize they genuinely care about each other. Their single night together turns into a month-long affair, and Annie realizes there’s no way she can go through with her wedding. Annie is confident about a future with Oksana, but Oksana is still smarting from her last relationship. She doubts whether or not Annie will stand up to her parents and friends and call off the wedding.

Can these two women turn one night of passion into a love that’s better than a fantasy?

The Characters

Annie is full of surprises. She’s the beautiful girl next door who was raised with money and the right zip code. She’s got a very comfortable life with a job she likes and a fiancé who seems good for her. But, there’s that fantasy about being with a woman that’s been niggling away in the back of her mind. How can she not act on it when she has the opportunity? I love how Annie dives into her encounter with Oksana with no reservations. After their first night, Annie becomes that kid in a candy shop. She can’t get enough of Oksana, and she embraces her sexual liberation. She has moments of self-doubt. Afterall, her wedding is only three months away, and her very superficial family and friends are expecting her to fulfill her obligation. But Annie sees that her engagement to Jeff is just that, an obligation. She recognizes that what she feels for Jeff is nothing close to the joy and connectedness she feels when she is with Oksana and Oksana’s family. It’s like Annie is seeing clearly for the first time in her life, and I just kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t cave when it was time to cancel the wedding.

Oksana is a fabulously complex character. She’s a vision of raw sexuality, complete with her perfect physique covered in tattoos, shaved head, Russian accent, and miniskirts. She gives off a tough vibe, but when she’s at home, she is a loving granddaughter and caring big sister. Her family is the most important thing in her life, especially after her girlfriend walked out of her life without a goodbye or a forwarding address. She has kept her heart guarded but decides it’s time to ease herself back into the dating scene. She hasn’t been intimate with a woman in more years than she’d like to admit. When Annie tells Oksana about her fantasy, Oksana sees this as the perfect opportunity to end her self-imposed celibacy. She genuinely likes Annie, so this “favor” seems perfect. It was interesting to see Oksana become vulnerable with Annie so quickly. With Annie, there is no artifice, and that throws Oksana. She keeps waiting for Annie to toss her aside, and when that doesn’t happen, Oksana has to decide if she’s willing to put her heart on the line. I like that despite her hip, slick, and cool façade she’s a true romantic.

The Writing Style

The story is told in third person intimate. This works especially well because Oksana and Annie come from such vastly different backgrounds. Seeing each woman in her “natural habitat” makes it all the more interesting as Annie slowly becomes part of Oksana’s world.

Weatherspoon was adept at keeping this plot from crossing the line into a story centered on infidelity. It’s a very fine line, but she continually reminds the reader that Annie and Jeff are on a month-long “hiatus” from their monogamous engagement. As soon as Annie realizes her interest in Oksana is more than just physical, she immediately understands that she needs to end things with Jeff. This keeps Annie from seeming dishonest and allows her to be a sympathetic character.

And now for the good stuff. The Fling definitely delivers on the erotic part of this erotic romance. The sex scenes are longer, written with more detail, and with much more graphic language than what you will find in traditional romances. They get a five-flame rating from this reviewer. (This could be a pro or a con, depending on your personal taste.) However, said scenes aren’t gratuitous. They reflect the passion that is stirred by the growing feelings Annie and Oksana have for each other.

The Narration

In all honesty, I didn’t like the narration on this audiobook. I didn’t care for the narrator’s overall performance. At times, it felt heavy-handed and overwrought. The accent she used for Oksana was inconsistent, and that kept me from completely getting wrapped up in the story. I enjoyed the story enough that I switched over to the book. Having said this, I should make it known that I am very selective when it comes to audiobooks, so this version might work for other listeners. Check out the sample, and see for yourself.

The Pros

Weatherspoon populated The Fling with a very rich and varied cast of side characters. We get to know Oksana’s imposing Russian grandmother and her kid sister, Kat. Oksana also has a group of unique and trendy friends, some of whom deserve their own books. Annie’s best friend, Megan, is the type of wisecracking sidekick you might find in a romantic comedy. This group makes for a novel where the romance doesn’t feel like it exists in a vacuum.

The Fling gets bonus points for its conversations about safe sex and safe sex practices.

The Cons

See: The Narration

taras favourite lesbian booksConclusion

The Fling is the best type of erotic romance for this reviewer. There is plenty of heat, and it turns into a satisfying love story. The gradual shift from what starts as a one-night stand to a rich relationship between the main characters never feels contrived. The deep feelings Annie and Oksana have for each other make sense. When a relationship starts with such passion and intimacy, it seems natural that it would bring on a deep, emotional connection. I was completely on board for this story, and when it was all said and done, I got exactly what I was hoping for.

Excerpt from The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon

“Is kissing okay?” Annie asked.

Oksana snorted a laugh and returned Annie’s sudden smile. “Yes, kissing is allowed. I’m your trainer. Not a hooker.”

“Okay. Good.” Annie stood on the balls of her feet, an odd sense of glee rushing through her mind as Oksana bent to meet her halfway.

Oksana’s lips were soft. When they brushed against Annie’s, her whole body turned into a ball of sensation. Her eyes slipped shut and she rose on her toes even higher, bracing herself with her hands on Oksana’s hips, leaning closer to Oksana’s warm body. She felt the tip of Oksana’s tongue and she let her in, let in the warm, wet softness of her mouth.

Oksana’s kiss was perfect. Delicate, but confident. Sweet. Annie tried to match her careful skill, kissing Oksana back with just as much patience, with deliberate but gentle motions of her tongue. Oksana moaned.

The sound was enough to encourage Annie further. Stepping back just a little, she never broke contact with Oksana’s perfectly full lips as she maneuvered her onto the bed. Annie lowered herself over Oksana’s body, straddling her lap as Oksana shifted back on the bedspread.

Annie wrestled with a desperate urge to hump Oksana like a little dog in heat. There had to be more finesse involved. She had no real clue what she was doing, but finally, Annie could put a lifetime of her secret desires and creative daydreaming to good work. And she could ask. Gently, she pushed Oksana back down on the bed. She followed, kissing her way down Oksana’s neck, making her own desperate noises as Oksana’s fingers caressed her sides. She was enjoying this. Every second of it.

“Tell me what to do,” Annie said breathlessly.

“No,” Oksana said, letting out a gasping noise. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. I like what you’re doing.”

Annie slipped her hand between their bodies, eager to feel Oksana, and quickly spread Oksana’s wet lips. Her clit was hard under Annie’s fingers, tiny and hard. Again, she wanted to ask what she should do next. This was all so new, but to save herself from sounding like more of a fool, Annie thought of the ways she liked to be touched, the ways she liked to touch herself. She stroked over Oksana’s clit, stroked up and down each side slowly before dipping her fingers lower. Oksana’s body lifted off the bed to meet her hand. Annie slipped inside. She shuddered, blowing a heavy breath across Oksana’s nipple. She was so wet. There was no resistance, but as soon as her fingers filled Oksana’s body, the soaked muscles gripped at Annie’s hand. Another shudder traveled down to Annie’s pussy. She wanted to come.

“You’re a liar,” Oksana panted.

“What?” Annie peered up, watching the strain on Oksana’s face as her fingers continued to stroke her from the inside.

Oksana laced her hand through Annie’s loosely pony-tailed hair. Annie leaned into her grasp and looked up as Oksana brushed her bangs to the side with her other hand. “You’ve been with a woman before. Hundreds of them,” Oksana said.

“I have not.” Annie couldn’t resist smiling. She added another finger and dug a little deeper.

“Liar.” Oksana hissed, her eyes rolling shut. “Oh God…”

Annie kissed her way back to Oksana’s mouth and she fucked her with a little more insistence. Annie was close to coming herself, but she wanted Oksana to finish first. Yes, Oksana was doing her a favor in a way, but Annie wanted to make it worth her while.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781602826564
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator: Keira Grace
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon Online

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