Listen to our podcast about lesbian books

We have excellent news for anyone wanting to listen to our podcast about lesbian books, movies and music. It is now available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

TLR podcast covers topics differently than what we can on the website which we keep strictly for reviews and lists, so whether you want to find new reads or just hear a more in-depth conversation about our lists then TLR podcast is for you.

Here’s how you can listen to the podcast (don’t forget to subscribe on your podcast player so that you get every new episode).

On the traditional platforms

Find it on apple podcasts here

Available on Spotify here

Listen on Anchor here

Check it out on Google Podcasts at this link

Also on Overcast

And Pocket Casts

And RadioPublic

Or you can manually add the rss feed to your favourite player

here’s the rss feed

To figure out how to add the rss feed you can usually Google the answers, most players have that option and it’s not generally complicated.


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Did you know that TLR podcast is Brought to you by the person who brought you the Les Talk About It podcast and Coming Out Stories podcasts? That’s right, Sheena now runs this weekly podcast about lesbian books, movies and music.