Dancer (B)

Professional dancer or someone who loves dancing but doesn’t do it professionally

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London Ever After by Clare Lydon: Book Review

London Ever After by Clare Lydon is a contemporary romance set in London. It is the last in a series of standalone stories, and what a beautiful story to end

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Moon Over Cape Cod by Renn Loraine: Book Review

From our review: “Moon Over Cape Cod is a quick read thanks to a smooth style and a page-turning plot. Renn Loraine did a good job of intertwining the mystery elements with the romantic ones”

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A Restless Truth by Freya Marske: Book Review

From our review: “This was one of the most entertaining novels I’ve ever read. Fans of historical fiction, magic realism, or steamy romance will all be very pleased with A Restless Truth”

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Interlude by Lola Keeley: Book Review

Interlude by Lola Keeley is a steamy short story set in the world of The Music in the Mirror. Sweet ballet dancer, Anna and her fiery artistic director lover, Victoria

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Enthralled In Her Design by Jolie Dvorak: Book Review

Enthralled In Her Design by Jolie Dvorak is a rich girl/poor girl with some BDSM thrown in that explores does love-at-first sight really exist. Syrene “Syr” Harkman is the definition

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The Devil Wears Tartan by Katia Rose: Book Review

The Devil Wears Tartan by Katia Rose is a new adult, enemies-to-lovers romance about breaking free of the past to claim the love that’s waiting in the here and now.

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Show Up by Renee Dahlia: Audiobook Review

“Yolande spun around and pulled Reiko into a hug, so tight that she let out a squeak. If she’d been hot before, now her skin was volcanic. Fuck, fuck. She clenched her hands into fists, so she didn’t caress Yolande or kiss her. Should she look up? No, that would put her lips within reach of Yolande’s face.”

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At First Glance by Melissa Tereze: Book Review

At First Glance by Melissa Tereze is an erotic, age-gap romance that shows acceptance is sexy. Anyone who read Faye Holmes’s bestsellers would think she lived a racy, sexy life.

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Evolution by MJ Duncan: Book Review

Evolution by MJ Duncan is a super-slow burn romance featuring a former ballerina and a symphony conductor. After retiring from her role as prima ballerina, Nina Devereaux has become artistic

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Masquerade by Anne Shade: Book Review

Masquerade by Anne Shade is the story of one woman’s journey to find herself and live the life she desires despite being a black lesbian in 1925 USA. Set in

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