Interlude by Lola KeeleyInterlude by Lola Keeley is a steamy short story set in the world of The Music in the Mirror.

Sweet ballet dancer, Anna and her fiery artistic director lover, Victoria are struggling to be apart due to conflicting schedules, and a brief respite spent together in Berlin is exactly what they need.


Lola Keeley’s The Music and the Mirror is one of my all-time favorite books and I was downright giddy when I got my hands on this delightful short story. Being back in Anna and Victoria’s world makes my heart soar. The depth of these two ladies’ feelings for one another is apparent from moment one. The love surrounding them is swoon-worthy and the anguish they continue to feel about being apart is heartbreaking. I’m so grateful that Lola Keeley shared this story with us.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I absolutely love everything about this (pun very much intended) interlude. I love spending this brief period of time with Victoria and Anna.  It’s emotional, steamy, and perfect!

Heads Up

In order to fully appreciate this short story I recommend reading The Music in the Mirror.

The Conclusion

Fans of Lola Keeley’s The Music in the Mirror will love being swept right back into Victoria and Anna’s world of love, ballet, and heartfelt emotions. This short story is not to be missed!

Excerpt from Interlude by Lola Keeley

“Follow this corridor right around. Prima’s dressing room is closest to the stage, just on that side of it.”

Victoria did exactly that, taking her leave with a little wave and racing around the curving corridor at a pace that made her wish she’d skipped the heels and not been so vain as to leave her cane back in her hotel room. Some lessons she’d proven spectacularly slow at learning, but it didn’t matter as the adrenaline of seeing Anna again took over.

Where once she would have barged in to put the fear of God in her newly promoted principal, this time Victoria raised her knuckles to the wooden door and gave the prima her due deference by knocking and waiting. The wait felt like a few small eternities, all crashing into each other as Victoria slowly combusted out there in the hallway. Then finally, finally the universe took pity on her, and the small mercy of the door handle’s being turned was given to Victoria’s impatient soul.

“You came!” Anna’s words were almost lost to the squeal that rose out of her, unbidden. Fresh from the shower, dressed in just a tiny silk kimono, she launched herself at Victoria until she was pressed back against the opposite wall.

The white-painted brickwork scratched at her jacket, but Victoria could barely feel it. She had her arms full of Anna, which meant she could do the one thing she hadn’t been able to in months.

She kissed her.

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ISBN number: 978-3-96324-814-6

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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