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Swords, magic and other old-fashioned fantasy

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Blood Remains by Cathy Pegau: Book Review

Blood Remains by Cathy Pegau is a historical urban fantasy romance set in the world of 1930s organized crime. Callie Payne is a butcher and blood mage who lives with

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Primal Hunt by L.L. Raand: Book Review

Primal Hunt by L.L. Raand is the ninth (Yes, ninth!) book in the Midnight Hunters series. In the midst of power struggles between the Queen of Faerie, those seeking to

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firelight by Sabrina Blaum: Book Review

firelight by Sabrina Blaum is an exquisite forbidden romance with deception, power struggles, and loads of magick. The sudden shift in fate thrust Gwendoline Dagon into a position she never

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Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott: Book Review

Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott is a supernatural adventure romance between a reluctant alpha werewolf and a woman with a big secret. For the last five years Wren

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Ink Vine by Elizabeth Broadbent: Book Review

Ink Vine by Elizabeth Broadbent is not strictly speaking a horror story, but really it is a horror story. A coming-of-age slash coming-out narrative set in a small town in

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Lullaby by Cécile Guillot: Book Review

Lullaby by Cécile Guillot is a short story about love and abuse, and the many forms which they can take. The story follows Hazel Bloom, a sheltered young woman from

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The Mage’s Secret by Ami Spencer: Book Review

From our review: “Av’s issues with their sexuality and gender dysphoria adds a lot of suspense to the story, and a chance to explore some interesting angles.”

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The Gaunt by Genta Sebastian: Book Review

From our review: “The Gaunt is primarily an erotic romance, with generous space given to the explicit sex scenes. As such, it uses the backstories of its characters as the scaffold to build the said space”

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Of Socialites and Prizefights by Arden Powell: Book Review

From our review: “The butch, femme romance blossoms quickly and with a lot of heat but the author makes their relationship very believable with deep conversations, when they aren’t tearing each other’s clothes off.”

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In the Shadow of the Palace by Eliza Andrews: Book Review

From our review: “Little do they know that the Wise Man’s simple act of kindness was just the beginning. When a crisis strikes Cara is thrust into a role that will forever shape the destiny of the entire kingdom.”

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