Enthralled In Her Design by Jolie Dvorak is a rich girl/poor girl with some BDSM thrown in that explores does love-at-first sight really exist.

Syrene “Syr” Harkman is the definition of control. She’s one of the most talented architects in the world, designing palaces of beauty and strength, and she has pretty much anything, and anyone, to do her bidding…for the right price. When she loses one of the biggest jobs of her career on her birthday, the last thing she wants or needs is a night in a cheap, tacky strip club. Luckily, the whiskey is good, and the dancers are entertaining, and Syr decides to stay.  What she doesn’t expect is for love to appear behind a fan of feathers and steal her breath in a matter of minutes.

Burlesque dancer Beatriz “Bea” Rose has bills to pay a grandmother to support and the dream to be a great artist. Running late to work after failing to find inspiration, the last thing she expects is for true love to appear in the form of a steely, blue-eyed handsome woman watching her intently from the bar. Fate intervenes in the form of a storm, trapping the two women under an awning to wait out the drizzle. The connection from the club is only exacerbated in the real world, and Bea throws caution to the wind and ends up in Syr’s bed.

One night of passion, and they believe they’re perfect for each other. But with Syr being a top architect, and Bea barely making ends meet, it’s obvious to everyone around them that their worlds are a million miles apart. But both women believe they are meant for each other and want to see where their romance can lead.

Will Syr and Bea be able to fulfill the fairytale? Or will the pressures of their worlds break what could be an everlasting love?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Dvorak does a great job of showing love-at-first sight can exist. Even though Syr and Bea’s first meeting isn’t ideal, the strong, intense feeling of knowing someone deep in their soul is palpable when they first see each other. Each woman is drawn to something they cannot explain, a spark that they’ve felt very rarely or not at all. In fact, the last time Syr felt it, she got burned badly, both personally and professionally. But that familiar pull doesn’t stop her from wanting Bea. If anything, it tempts her in the best way possible.

Bea also knows there’s something different about Syr. She’s intrigued and she seeks the feeling out without a second care or thought. It’s a siren song, telling her this is different. Syr is the possibility of a future with someone who understands her wants and desires without uttering a single word. Cause they are the same wants and desires Syr wants as well.

What really helps support the love-at-first sight is how Syr and Bea take the time to get to know each other outside of the bedroom. They have dinner, they talk about their pasts, they learn about each other in ways that partners should and do when they want to have their relationship go beyond physical intimacy. Cause Syr and Bea aren’t just looking for a complete sexual relationship, they’re wanting a complete relationship.

Cons And Heads Up

Dvorak flirts with the line between a respectful submissive/dominant relationship and being outright cruel. For those not familiar with this type of relationship, it may be hard to distinguish the difference. For readers who are, you’ll see Dvorak pull it back at the right moment to keep it in the realm of respect and love for the characters.

The Conclusion

I was drawn to this story because I was interested in the love-at-first sight scenario, and Dvorak did not disappoint. From the first spark between Syr and Bea, even without saying a word, I could feel their connection and cheered them on as they overcame the obstacles of class, money, and the bitter jealousy of friends and family. If you’re wanting a steamy novel that highlights true love does exist at first sight, and you don’t mind it happening in a kinky way, then you’ll definitely love this book.

Excerpt from Enthralled In Her Design by Jolie Dvorak

The evening was a few drinks deeper in when Syr finally saw her.

A subtle shift rippled around the club. The lights dimmed and the girls at the various stages paused in their routines and turned to face the main stage…The music dropped to an even deeper pulse.

The woman who stepped onto the stage then was nothing like any of the others in the room.

She had an elegance that the others lacked, Syr noticed. Something in the way she held herself. An authenticity in the grace of her movements. It was hard to pin down. An honesty, perhaps. A poise that seemed based in something more genuine than the standard acts the others played – no raunch here, but no blushing innocence either.

The music swelled and the dancer began to move.

She was cheeky, playing up to her crowd, stepping forward to brush her fingers teasingly against outstretched hands, dropping to her knees to accept a folded fifty some lovelorn guy pushed down her top. She had a smile that seemed to be a secret one just for each person watching her – a jewel that made Syr feel as if she was having a private show.

Syr’s architect mind saw curves she wanted to draw, that she wanted to define, draft and design. That she wanted to trace with her fingers and explore with her mouth…Syr’s eyes caught on cheeks that blushed under the light with eyes above that were a complex hazel, filled with tease and promise. The woman was beautiful.

And then the dancer’s eyes met hers over the heads of the other punters. The music throbbed at exactly the same beat as Syr’s pulse. The feathers finally fell away and the dancer stood there, utterly bared, her skin golden, her curves bending Syr’s mind, her eyes wide like an invitation.

Syr stared back. Something had concentrated inside her – something that constricted her chest and flashed with heat further down. She was suddenly glad for the bar holding her up. She was chewing her thumbnail. She never did that.

Then the lights went down and the vision and the moment were gone.

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