Her Surrender by Anna StoneHer Surrender is a sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance where the tension in the boardroom rivals the passion in the bedroom. It’s book two in the Irresistibly Bound series, but reads perfectly as a stand-alone as well.

April Reid has always loved the Oakmont Street Library. As a teenager she found solace in the shelves, often escaping to the library to avoid the harsh realities of high school. Within those walls she found lasting friendships and even her first job. Years later, she’s fulfilled in a career with the same library, able to cultivate relationships with patrons and give back to the community in the same way the library poured into her when she needed it most.

Recently a large corporation called Oasis Development has decided to buy the library building. Soon after the buyout, April received a letter instructing the library to cease operations and vacate premises. There doesn’t seem to be a way to save her beloved Oakmont Street Library and April’s life work is crumbling before her eyes. Feeling out of control, April agrees to go out for a night on the town with her best friend to try and take her mind off of things.

At The Sapphire Room, the local lesbian bar, April meets an irresistible woman named Vicki. In a whirlwind night together, Vicki introduces April to a world of intimacy she’s never experienced – BDSM – and April realizes it just might be the missing piece she’s been searching for.

With her confidence boosted, April decides not to give up on her library’s fate. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to save her beloved building, starting with the city council meeting with Oasis Development’s Vice President of Project Development. April is stunned to discover that the VP who is leading the campaign to end her career is none other than the green-eyed enchantress she went home with the night before.

Vicki Blake has worked tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder, to prove her worth one project at a time. All of her struggles have finally brought her to the Oakmont Street Project – the one that could land her the promotion of a lifetime. Although there’ve been whispers of unhappy citizens, Vicki expects to win them over at the city council meeting. She never expected the crusade against her project to be led by the one woman she can’t stop thinking of.

April and Vicki shared a connection that rivaled perfection. Now they’re on opposing sides of a no-win battle. Neither woman is willing to give up the future of her career that’s been years in the making. Despite the escalating frustration in the library meetings, April and Vicki can’t seem to resist the temptation of another night together.

April and Vicki each hold exactly what the other craves. When they’re together, they feel the perfect balance of power and submission, the completion in a relationship that they’ve each been searching for. As the battle for the library grows, so does the professional frustration. They’ve waited a lifetime for a connection like this, but with the final decision on the Oakmont Street Project looming, it seems someone is going to lose it all…will that include their relationship?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I love that this book is centered around a library. I remember many afternoons walking to the library after school to dive into another world for a little while. Those were some of my favorite days. April’s drive to save the library is something I can really resonate with, one bibliophile to another.

I also really enjoyed that the enemies-to-lovers theme wasn’t linear as it tends to be. It was refreshing to see a different perspective on workplace/enemies-to-lovers. I also really liked that there’s no clear right or wrong path for the MCs. They’re just doing the best that they can with what they have to go on at the time. I feel like that’s what we’re all doing, in the end, and I appreciated seeing that represented here.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

Her Surrender has it all – romance, heat, passion, drama – everything for a great escape. You should absolutely buy this book!

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Her Surrender is a scorching enemies-to-lovers romance where two women in an intense professional battle find themselves unable to combat the connection building outside of the workplace.

Excerpt from Her Surrender by Anna Stone

Suddenly, the woman turned toward her. Her eyes locked onto April’s across the bar. The woman smiled, an enchanting smile that made April’s whole body weak. A smile that whispered a suggestion into April’s ear.

April looked away, her heart racing. The woman at the other end of the bar had turned April’s legs to jelly with no more than a look. What could she do with a word?

A touch?

April’s skin grew hot. She had barely shared a glance with this woman, yet her mind was going off to indecent places. What was wrong with her? It was time for her to get out of here. She fished around in her purse, looking for her phone so she could order a ride.


April looked up. The woman was standing right next to her.

“My name is Victoria.” She smiled. “But you can call me Vicki.”

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