Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers is an enemies-to-lovers romance about letting go of anger and regret, and reconciling your dreams of happily ever after.

Leah Scott is a divorce lawyer who understands that sometimes people need to get out of a marriage to save themselves and she’s happy to help them. At the end of the day she goes home to watch her beloved romance movies because she’s also a hopeless romantic who dreams of someday falling in love and getting married.

For two years Teddi Baker has been so, so angry at the world. She lost two thirds of her wedding planning business in a divorce, and though she loves putting people together in beautiful weddings she swears she will never make the mistake of marrying again.

When Leah accompanies her beloved sister Kelly to begin planning her wedding, she is thunderstruck by Teddi’s beauty. It takes a minute to realize Leah was the lawyer for Teddi’s ex-wife. The one who nearly destroyed her business. Reluctantly attracted to one another, they must deal with mistrust and letting go of heartache.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

It’s very easy to get lost in this tale of close knit family and friends. Leah has a great family who adores her as much as she adores them, even if she is a chronically late person. Her profession is one she chose out of love though she acknowledges sometimes divorce hurts more than it helps.

There are no awful people to deal with as a reader, just the story of how Teddi and Leah find their way through a maze of extreme physical attraction and shockingly diverse ideas on romance. Teddi was injured by the divorce more than Leah realizes, and Leah loves the idea of marriage more than Teddi can abide. It’s a large divide the two must cross to become as fully together as they both want. I really like the level of anxiety the author creates over the course of the story.

Part of the anxiety comes from seeing just how well the two get each other, except for the big problem. The author makes you fall in love with every character, but I really wanted to see Leah and Teddi figure things out because this level of compatibility was delicious fun. I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a better romantic gesture in fiction. This was a swoon worthy moment that made me proud of my knowledge of romance movies.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

Teddi hates the world because of a bad divorce, but she is as thunderstruck as her newest client’s sister when they show up to begin planning the sister’s wedding. Leah is the divorce lawyer who nearly ruined her life. How can she feel what she is so very much feeling for her? Leah can barely breath she’s so taken with Teddi on their first meeting. They have a lot to work through to feel secure in the love both feel for the other, but the anxious journey is well worth the effort.

Excerpt from Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers

“She kind of brought it up as we were leaving.”

“Yeah? What’d she say?”

“Just that our past history shouldn’t affect the current business.”

“History? She called it history?” Tilly gave a snort.

“Yeah. I mean, it kind of is.”

“You never even met the woman. Your history is a few pieces of paper with your signature on them, Lee. That’s it.”

Leah blew out a breath. “I know. It’s fine. I just want things to be okay for Kelly. If I need to spend the next year’s worth of meetings avoiding eye contact, so be it.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Comfortable silence reigned for a moment before Tilly said, “All right. I’m gonna go watch a movie. What’s on your TV? She Returned to Her Small Clichéd Hometown and Realized Love Had Been Waiting There All Along?

“Yes, that’s exactly the one. What will you watch? Idiot Teens Spend the Weekend in a Cabin in the Woods and Are Killed One by One?”

“You know that’s my favorite.”

“I do.”

They said their good nights. Leah finished her dinner and nibbled on the last slice of bacon. Tried to focus on the movie. Kept having her thoughts interrupted by the gorgeous brunette who wouldn’t look at her.

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