Golf (B)

A main character or strong secondary character who plays or coaches golf.

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Tile M for Murder by Felicia Carparelli: Book Review

From our review: “Beginning with the title, there is a lot of cleverness going on in this book. There is an old noir film titled Dial M for Murder and, as with the title, there are a lot of references to older film and literary characters.”

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The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks: audiobook Review

The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks is a slow-burn sports romance that heightens the tension both on and off the green. Even if you’re not a fan of golf, you

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A Swing At Love by Harper & Caroline Bliss: Book Review

A Swing At Love by Harper & Caroline Bliss is my first sports romance centered around golf. It is also the first collaboration between spouses, Harper & Caroline Bliss. What

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Damn Straight by Elizabeth Sims: Audiobook Review

Damn Straight by Elizabeth Sims is a fun mystery set against the backdrop of the Dinah Shore golf tournament. In Holy Hell, Lillian Byrd (our most amusing heroine) found herself

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