The Secret Poet by Georgia BeersThe Secret Poet by Georgia Beers is a sweet romance that has a Cyrano trope to it, but of course Beers has to put her own brilliant spin on it, making it one of my top reads of 2021.

Morgan Thompson likes her life just fine. She has a tight-knit family, two opinionated cats, and good job as office manager of her brother’s, Perry, medical practice. It’s not exciting, but it’s nice. She’s not dating, but that’s okay. She gets to help Perry get back out on the scene after a bitter divorce left him a little gun-shy. After all, Morgan is a words girl, and if she can help her brother find love by making him sound more thoughtful and less neanderthal, then she’s had a successful day. Her verbal prowess is put to the test when the new new pharmaceutical rep, Zoe Blake, walks into Perry’s office, leaving Perry instantly and thoroughly smitten.

Morgan pulls out all the charm she can for Perry, but Zoe doesn’t seem too interested in him. When Morgan decides she’ll need to get to know Zoe better, she soon finds herself just as smitten as her brother, and suddenly Morgan doesn’t know if she’s wooing Zoe for Perry or for herself.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

What I really loved about this story is how Beers injects her own humor and sarcastic style into this familiar trope, switching things around, and staying true to her characters in the process. One of the places I see it clearly is the way in which Morgan helps Perry. It’s not from a place of deceit, nor trying to make Perry appear to be someone he’s not. She wants Perry to find love and be happy, but with his heart still healing, his responses to any possible love interest are a little lackluster. So, she tweaks them, making them sound more conversational and engaging, but she doesn’t take liberties and always has Perry verify her responses before sending them off.

What I also love is how Beers uses common sense. The charade of Morgan writing as Perry ends once the mystery of Zoe Black is revealed and he realizes he has no shot with her. This allows for the dramatic reveal to happen but also have a quick resolution, giving Morgan and Zoe their happily-ever-after.

Cons And Heads Up

There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this story. It was cute, fun. I laughed at certain spots, applauded Morgan at others, and I was happy Perry wasn’t exiled to being the total jerk brother for the entire story.

The Conclusion

annas favourite booksI finished this book in three days, and that was only because I made myself slow down. Beers gives us a sweet, fun, romantic comedy that has all of her wit and sass I’ve come to enjoy with each of her books. Definitely a good one to curl up with over a weekend and delve into if you have nowhere to be.

Excerpt from The Secret Poet by Georgia Beers


I had read that word as a descriptor countless times, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a woman in person – until then or since – who elicited that word from me the first second I laid eyes on her. This one was brunette, and her hair was the first thing that caught my eye. Dark waves of it. A lot of dark waves of it. My fingers instantly itched to twirl it, dig into it. She was a little taller than average and carried herself with an air of authority, dressed in a smartly cut pantsuit that was a deep blue with a lighter blue top underneath the jacket. She shut the door behind her, turned to us, and smiled widely – and oh my God. The cheekbones. The gorgeous, do-a-double-take-at-that-color blue eyes. I swallowed some foreign lump in my throat as she crossed the few steps to my counter and stuck out her hand to me.

“Hi. I’m Zoe Blake.”

And right then, on that day, in that moment, in that very second that I slipped my hand into hers, I somehow knew that life would never be the same. I didn’t know how or why or when, but I knew something was going to change. Forever.

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