Crime Thriller (B)

A thriller that combines the pacing and storytelling of a thriller with a crime plot.

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21 Weeks: Weeks 1 to 7 by R.A. LaShea: Book Review

From our review: “The beginning and the character of Nash are brilliant. There is clever exposition around the gradual reveal”

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Hunter’s Revenge by Gerri Hill: Book Review

From our review: “Hunter’s Revenge by Gerri Hill explores the darkest part of Detective Tori Hunter’s past, the murder of her family that left her alone and burning for revenge.”

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Kiss Shot by Carolyn Elizabeth: Audiobook Review

“Kiss Shot is a gritty action thriller starring the unluckiest person ever to be named Lucky. She loses her job as a police detective after a horrible series of events, has to hustle pool for a living and falls for the girlfriend of a notorious bad guy”

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Secret Sanctuary by Nance Sparks: Book Review

From our review: “I buzzed through all the action sequences. They felt real and very dangerous, with just enough vulnerability from the main characters to heighten suspense.”

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Dangerous Game by Bel Blackwood: Book Review

Dangerous Game by Bel Blackwood is an opposites attract, humorous crime thriller between a hapless nanny and an ice cold Russian Mafiosa. Ah, sweet revenge. That’s all Wren Sawyer wants,

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From The Ashes by Stacy Lynn Miller: Book Review

From The Ashes, by Stacy Lynn Miller is a crime thriller about Manhattan Sloane is a police detective on the San Francisco gang detail. Sloane is determined to catch the

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Snowbound by Cari Hunter: Book Review

Snowbound by Cari Hunter is a fast-paced thriller romance and an excellent debut novel by Cari Hunter. Officer Sam Lucas is held hostage by two brothers who were in the

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Whispering Oaks by Stephanie Shea: Book Review

Whispering Oaks by Stephanie Shea is a new adult, romantic suspense novel. Cassidy Linden’s life has been turned on it head when she gets home late one night to discover

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Dead Pretty by Robyn Nyx: Book Review

Dead Pretty by Robyn Nyx is a romantic suspense between an FBI agent and a reality TV star. Agent Dak is a consulting FBI agent who specialises in cold cases,

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Unbreakable by Cari Hunter: Audiobook Review

A gunshot victim walks up to Dr Grace Kendal, holds a gun on her and makes her bring medical supplies with as she kidnaps her. Thus begins Unbreakable by Cari

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