Criminal (B)

Someone who makes money doing illegal things.

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The Heart of the Banshee by Carolyn Elizabeth: Book Review

From our review: “It’s got a tough but loving captain and a taut crew always ready for a sea battle. There is a lot of action that puts everyone in danger and requires strength and bravery to overcome. What I didn’t expect and actually had me on the edge of my seat was when the story takes a turn toward creepy.”

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Heart of Sherwood by Edale Lane: Audiobook Review

From our review: “This is the story of three strong women who try to make England a better place, one move at a time. It’s about overcoming cruel plots and powerful men. And underneath it all is the story of hope and finding love”

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Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot: Book Review

Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot is a rollicking yet poignant space opera that is as entertaining as it is provocative. Ten thousand years ago, a star fell into the galaxy carrying

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Dangerous Game by Bel Blackwood: Book Review

Dangerous Game by Bel Blackwood is an opposites attract, humorous crime thriller between a hapless nanny and an ice cold Russian Mafiosa. Ah, sweet revenge. That’s all Wren Sawyer wants,

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Falling For The Mark by Dominique Davis: Book Review

Falling For The Mark by Dominique Davis is a new adult, contemporary romance that will have you rooting for a con artist! Maya is the daughter of Nicole, a scheming

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Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson: Book Review

Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson is an enemies to lovers, forced proximity romance between a dangerous pirate and a magic user on the run after escaping the gallows. The

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Hunting Gold by Ann Aptaker: Book Review

Hunting Gold by Ann Aptaker is a beautifully described crime mystery set in the 1950s. It is the sixth book in the series, and you can read it standalone. But

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The Gunrunner and Her Hound by Maria Ying: Book Review

The Gunrunner and Her Hound by Maria Ying is the first installment in a collaborative crime thriller series by authors Benjanun Sriduangkaew and Devi Lacroix. It is a gripping novella

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Holding Fire by Annelise Sorrell: Book Review

Holding Fire by Annelise Sorrell is a thriller about Rai Takeda, an agent at Nexus Security. Nexus provides security services to the good citizens of Red Palms. It is often

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On the Fence by Cade Haddock Strong: Book Review

On the Fence by Cade Haddock Strong is a romantic suspense novel with an art heist at the centre. Although it’s technically not part of a series, it brings back

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