Unbreakable by Cari HunterA gunshot victim walks up to Dr Grace Kendal, holds a gun on her and makes her bring medical supplies with as she kidnaps her. Thus begins Unbreakable by Cari Hunter.

Grace is not prepared for the nightmare she is about to endure at the hands of Elin who is desperately in need of help after she was shot. But that’s not the end of it. Grace discovers that Elin is somehow linked to a dead man and is desperate to stay out of the hands of the cops, but not because she is fleeing. There is something much more serious at hand than being caught by the cops.

Detective Sergeant Safia Faris has a dead body and a missing suspect. This should be an open and shut case, but the more she puts the pieces together the more she realises that there is something else entirely going on and the missing doctor is somehow linked.

In a race against the clock will Grace be able to save Elin’s life and help her with her bigger problem and will Safia be able to solve the mystery and stop the worst from happening?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I enjoyed the way Hunter wove all of the story elements together to form a wonderful mystery with a race against time element.

Nicola Victoria Vincent is a champion narrator and I loved hearing her work. The voices of the large cast were well thought out and remained clear throughout, the pacing was great for this kind of book and I call this one a winner.

An interesting thing about this story is Detective Sergeant Safia Faris. Not only do I absolutely love her as a character but she feels like a long standing character from a series. You know those main characters who you get to know over time and they just become a staple for your reading experience? Like that. I went to look her up because I thought she would have appeared in another of Hunter’s works and it seems like she has not. Well, I hope that Hunter brings her back again as the lead or at least a strong secondary in another book. She and her girlfriend are a huge bonus about this book.

Cons And Heads Up

There are small mentions of a child being hurt.

The Conclusion

If you want an exciting audiobook with two strong plot lines that weave together, both with female leads. A side of romance and a lot of oh no how are they going to get out of this? then this is a great audiobook for you.

I recommend you pull up a comfy chair and a hot (or cold) drink because you may be here for a while as this story unfolds.

Excerpt from Unbreakable by Cari Hunter

Grace splayed her palms on the ledge of the car’s storage cage and then gripped the metal to keep herself upright. Her legs felt like jelly, and she thought she might vomit.

“Safe,” she whispered. “They’re in the safe. Key’s in my pocket.”

“What? What’s in the safe?” The woman rocked back a step, and Grace had a fleeting impression of someone taller than her, but that was all. A dark hood concealed the woman’s face, casting it into shadow.

“Morphine, diazepam, ketamine,” Grace said, rattling off the drugs most likely to appeal. It was always the drugs, and nowhere—not the ambulances, nor the pharmacies, nor the hospitals—was out of bounds for the truly desperate addicts. “Just take them.”

“That’s not—” The woman broke off to snatch a ragged breath. “I’m not—I don’t want them.”

Grace took a deep breath of her own, forcing herself to stay calm. “Okay. That’s okay. What do you want?” But even as she asked, she figured out the answer. The woman was shaking, not with the uncontrollable vigour of a delirious user, but with the insidious, subtle tremor that came from pain and shock. A metallic smell rolled off her, undercut by the sweetness of wet grass.

“You’re hurt,” Grace said. “Let me take you to the hospital.”

The ambulance station was in the grounds of the Royal London Hospital, a ninety-second drive from the Accident and Emergency Department, where its trauma specialists could take care of the woman and its security team could call the police.

“No hospital,” the woman said. Her voice was steadier, and she pushed the gun in harder. “You’re a doctor, and I’ve been shot. Get what you’ll need. My car’s over there.”

“No, I can’t.” Grace shook her head in a pathetic attempt to pacify the crazy, bleeding woman. It wasn’t as if she could plead mistaken identity. Her high-vis jacket had DOCTOR emblazoned across its back, and she was standing by a fully kitted rapid response ambulance car. She tightened her hold on the cage, grinding the metal into her fingers. Everything was starting to feel off-kilter and surreal, and she wondered if she was about to faint. Cold sweat slapped her hair against her forehead, and the frost bit in, setting her shivering. Her words puffed out, white and rapid-fire. “I can’t . It doesn’t work like that. This isn’t like you see on the telly.”

“Shut up,” the woman said, and for one stupid moment Grace thought: that accent’s not from around here. Sounds like home. “Just shut the fuck up. Get your stuff. Come on .”

“Okay, oh God, okay, I’ll do it. Give me a minute.” Grace began to lower her kit to the ground: IV supplies, advanced life support, defib, oxygen, roadside surgical packs, trauma dressings, and frontline drugs. She dropped the last pouch and raised her hands. She still had her back to the woman. “I’m going to reach into my pocket for the safe key, all right?”

Cold fingers closed around hers. “I’ll get it. Stay still.”

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 9781635559613

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

Narrator: Nicola Victoria Vincent

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