Reviewed by Mun Leigh

Mun LeighMun Leigh was born and raised in Canada. She grew up in a family with three other siblings but barely suffered from middle-child syndrome. She enjoys many hobbies like cooking, playing board games, listening to music, escape rooms and tinkering with spreadsheets.

Although she has too many hobbies for her own good, one thing she has always treasured was reading. Some of her childhood memories include making trips to the local library with her family by bike and maxing out the number of books that could be borrowed each and every time. A fan of love stories since she was young, Mun only discovered Sapphic fiction in her late teens. It opened up a whole new world for her and has been gobbling them up ever since.

She especially appreciates reading contemporary romances, but branches out to other genres like fantasy, mystery, thrillers, etc. Perhaps that is why her TBR list is endless.

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Something’s Different by Quinn Ivins: Audiobook Review

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Snowbound by Cari Hunter: Book Review

Snowbound by Cari Hunter is a fast-paced thriller romance and an excellent debut novel by Cari Hunter. Officer Sam Lucas is held hostage by two brothers who were in the

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The Rules of Forever by Nan Campbell: Book Review

The Rules of Forever by Nan Campbell is a rich girl/poor girl slow-burn romance where the main characters get to know one another during their high school reunion. Cara Talarico

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Caught Inside by Lynnette Beers: Book Review

Caught Inside by Lynnette Beers is set about a Chinese American girl’s coming-of-age story and her road of self-discovery. The story is mostly in the 90s and follows Maddie Fong’s

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The Clinch by Nicole Disney: Book Review

The Clinch by Nicole Disney is a fast-paced, sports romance novel about two MMA fighters set in New York. The master of a Taekwondo dojang offered a safe space for

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Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley: Book Review

Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley is a contemporary romance about an A-list celebrity and a paramedic in this compelling opposites-attract novel. AJ Beckett, a paramedic and a single

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Kick Back by KJ: Book Review

Kick Back by KJ is a contemporary sports romance set in Australia which leaves you wanting more by the end of the book. Sophia Lindstrom wears many hats, owns her

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Fireflies by Lise Gold: Book Review

Fireflies by Lise Gold is a contemporary romance about a captain and senior purser who met on their first scheduled flight together. Mia Donoghue is a senior purser for an

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