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Love Is…? by K.J. Wrights: Book Review

Love Is…? by K.J. Wrights is a beautiful story about…you guessed it! Love! Tessa Connor, loves everything about love, but struggles with what it is after being let go by

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TLR Con 2023: Event

If you love all things sapphic fiction then TLR Con 2023 is your must-attend online event! Join in as we dive deeper into your favourite sapphic fiction books, genres and

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Outcast by KJ: Book Review

Outcast by KJ Rhiannon Clarke’s week has been unkind, what with having her identity stolen and being relentlessly pursued by underworld thugs. During her escape, she seeks cover in a

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Kick Back by KJ: Book Review

Kick Back by KJ is a contemporary sports romance set in Australia which leaves you wanting more by the end of the book. Sophia Lindstrom wears many hats, owns her

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The Forever and the Now by KJ: Book Review

The Forever and the Now by KJ is an emotional story about finding and sustaining a love that lives into the forever, long after the now comes to an end.

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Victoria’s Top Ten Books of 2021

First and foremost, thank you to all the authors who lifted my spirits, comforted me, and provided me with an escape during another turbulent year. And thank you to all

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Ignis by KJ: Book Review

Ignis by KJ is a romantic thriller that will keep you reading well into the wee hours of the morning. Felicity Davis, principal of Rawson Girls Grammar School, is a

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Change of Plans by KJ: Book Review

Change of Plans by KJ is an Australian romance that’ll leave you thinking and smiling. After losing her job thanks to a massive company scandal (none of which was her

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An Unexpected Gift by KJ: Book Review

An Unexpected Gift by KJ is a series of short, overlapping Christmas stories set in Australia. Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere it’s a hot Christmas and so time

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Art of Magic by KJ: Book Review

Art of Magic by KJ is a delightful blend of art-house movie and dramatic romance. Cath Monroe is the always sassy, sometimes emotionally distant, definitely enjoys a casual sexual partner,

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