Emily Waters

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Two Is a Pattern by Emily Waters: Book Review

From our review: “Two Is a Pattern by Emily Waters is a fast-paced ride that keeps readers in suspense right til the last page”

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Honey in the Marrow by Emily Waters: Audiobook Review

From our review: “It’s about rebirth and rebuilding life after a devastating loss. It’s also about moving forward but never forgetting the past, letting others in, and becoming comfortable being vulnerable”

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TLR Con 2023: Event

If you love all things sapphic fiction then TLR Con 2023 is your must-attend online event! Join in as we dive deeper into your favourite sapphic fiction books, genres and

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10 Best of the Best Sapphic Books from 2022: List

Last year was an incredible year for Sapphic Literature so we are sharing 10 Best of the Best Sapphic Books from 2022. TLR’s best of the best category consists of

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