Rita Potter

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Love or Hate by Rita Potter: Book Review

From our review: “The writing in this book, especially the dialogue between characters, is superb. The author gets across many different opinions respectfully”

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TLR Con 2023: Event

If you love all things sapphic fiction then TLR Con 2023 is your must-attend online event! Join in as we dive deeper into your favourite sapphic fiction books, genres and

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Whitewater Awakening by Rita Potter: Book Review

Whitewater Awakening by Rita Potter is the story of two people who deeply connect on a whitewater rafting trip. For them both the trip awakens much needed life changes. Quinn

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Upheaval by Rita Potter: Book Review

Upheaval by Rita Potter is the first book in Potter’s dystopian romance series, As We Know It, that shows love can find you in even the most dire of situations.

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