Through the Storms by Rita Potter Through the Storms by Rita Potter Two romances are on the line during a thrilling chase for tornados.

A daredevil tornado chaser and an established tv weather reporter still love each other after eight years together, but the newest season of storm chasing through Oklahoma is testing the limits. Oakley Pierce and her twin brother Ashley are owner operators of Two Trees Storm Chasing. She’s psyched for the new season but long time girlfriend Lana Monroe wants more commitment to their relationship and feels like no matter how much she loves Oakley, their days may be numbered.

EMT Riley Gatlin goes full on masc as a Two Trees customer. She’ll be spending a week in a van sitting next to gorgeous, sweet and straight Chloe Crawford. She doesn’t mind that Chloe initially mistook her for a man, because since that moment they’ve gotten closer and sparks are flying. Chloe is drawn to handsome Riley, but is preoccupied with her sullen daughter Mia, who she had to leave at home with her ex-husband.

As things heat up between both couples the weather takes an ominous and dangerous turn for the worse, leaving people in real danger from terrible storms, testing both relationships and their safety.


Turbulence is the order of the day, between Lana and Oakley possibly losing a loving relationship, Chloe and Riley falling quickly in love, and a massive storm system threatening lives and property through a wide swath in the Midwest. The author does a great job juggling all of that as well as friends and parental relationships. Expect to be educated about tornados, a very dangerous kind of storm that is most common in the United States, and most violent in the middle of the country.

The buildup to storm chasing is solid, with a cinematic and thorough introduction of all the main characters. A sense of dread and uncertainty grows as the characters draw nearer to their goal of getting up close to as many tornados as they can find. The two romance stories are different, with one being an established relationship teetering on the edge and a toaster oven romance that may go astray in a moment’s notice.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

As a Midwesterner, I have long been terrified of tornados and will admit to being on the edge of my seat a few times. This book blew me away, pun intended, with great descriptions of what the deadly storms are capable of, and the two great romances. I have rarely been so enamored of a new couple like Riley and Chloe, with an adorable meet cute and two characters so different from each other and so totally suited.

The storms brewing between the two couples are every bit as tense as the increasingly dangerous weather system. The author juggles all the pieces beautifully, and more than a couple of times left me unable to put the book down. While I cannot fathom paying money to chase tornados for fun, it made sense for the characters in the book, and I was actually on the edge of my seat. After I caught my breath I felt very entertained, if a little drained.

I very much enjoyed how well drawn and diverse all of the characters are, and how tightly the story puts the pieces together. There are humorous moments in the dialogue and character interactions that elevate tensions between the women and the impending storms.

Heads Up

Tornados are scary, even in a book. Also, Chloe’s ex-husband is extremely toxic.

The Conclusion

Two fantastic romances, one between a long established but on the rocks couple, and an unexpected but powerful discovery between two very different but well suited women are set against a dangerous and thrilling chase for tornados through the midwestern US.

The author provides a lot of education about tornados and some thrilling passages that left me on the edge of my seat. Two great couples go through their own emotional storms on the way to either finding themselves or total destruction.

Excerpt from Through the Storms by Rita Potter

Riley covered the page with her large hand. “What kind of air is needed for a tornado?”

“Oh…oh, I think I know this one.” Chloe looked toward the ceiling of the van as she tried to retrieve the information. “Hot and cold air.”

Riley peeked between her fingers at the page and then snapped her fingers shut. “And?”

“Thunder and lightning?”

“No.” Riley scowled. “You’re just guessing. What kind of air?”

“Warm and cool?”

“No. Giving me a variation of hot and cold isn’t going to work.”

Chloe crossed her arms over her chest. “Well then, I don’t know.”

“I’ll give you a hint.” Riley’s eyes twinkled as she gave Chloe a mischievous grin. “It’s a word that some people hate.”

“Fucking hot?”

Riley burst out laughing.

Oakley swiveled in her captain’s chair. “Am I going to have to separate you two?”

“Riley was quizzing me on the conditions needed for a tornado.”

Oakley smirked. “So you swore at her?”

“No! She asked what kind of air. I got hot and cold, but she said there was more.”

Oakley nodded. “She’s right. Riley, do you want to enlighten Chloe?”

“Moist,” Riley said.

“Eww, now I remember. Yuck.” Chloe turned up her nose. “I despise that word. Can’t we just call it humid?”

“But moist is so much better,” Riley said.

“Yes, moist is more descriptive,” Oakley added.

Riley’s eyes twinkled. “And moist just has a ring to it.”

“Stop!” Chloe pretended to shudder. “I will never forget what kind of warm air.”

“Then say it,” Riley said.

“No.” Chloe scowled.

“I’m afraid you have to. It’s part of the storm-chasing rules.” Oakley chuckled.

“She’s right, you do,” Britt said, joining the conversation.

“We’re waiting.” Riley gently nudged Chloe’s leg.

“What happens if I won’t say it?”

“Britt, we gotta turn the van around. We got one that won’t say moist,” Oakley teased.

“But moist is such a great word,” Britt said as she let off the accelerator.

“Fine. Moist. Moist. Fucking moist. Are you three happy now?”

All three burst out laughing, and Chloe joined them.

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