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Dark clouds are gathering for cocky storm chaser Oakley Pierce as she throws herself into a bruising Oklahoma tempest that will change the course of four lives.

Tracking her path is down-to-earth TV meteorologist Lana Monroe, who’d dearly love a commitment from her free-spirited partner, Oakley, after eight long years of absence and career sacrifice.

Buckled in with Oakley for the storm-chasing ride of a lifetime is butch, brave EMT Riley Gatlin. She can’t help but be drawn to the sweet newly divorced single mother Chloe Crawford, who seems as out of place in the group as she is sad.

As the weather closes in, the women are forced to face their worst fears and buried truths. Will two couples emerge from the damage and debris, or will they be torn apart?

A heart-pounding, action-packed lesbian romance that hurtles readers into the eye of the storm.


Title: Through the Storms

Author: Rita Potter

Release date: 23 February 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Action/Adventure, Disaster, Toaster Oven, Established Couple

Available on KU: Yes


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Ride along with four women in this action-packed storm chase.

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