G Benson

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Purposefully Accidental by G Benson: Audiobook Review

From our review: “I was very pleased with the narrator’s whimsy and sexiness and timing on the humor. Her reading turns an already very nice first kiss scene into something dreamy”

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Victoria’s Top Ten Books of 2021

First and foremost, thank you to all the authors who lifted my spirits, comforted me, and provided me with an escape during another turbulent year. And thank you to all

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Dead Lez Walking by G Benson: Book Review

Dead Lez Walking by G Benson is the horror novel you didn’t know you wanted. Come for the zombie apocalypse, stay for the romance. Taren Makumbe is at the beginning of

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52 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Books

Welcome to TLR’s 52 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Books. This list is perfect for readers who love to watch untouchable ice queens thaw or beasts be tamed and ultimately

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The Thing About Tilly by G Benson: Book Review

The Thing About Tilly by G Benson is a powerful love story. It’s in the friends to lover’s trope. It’s more about how the love between friends can be complex,

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17 Of Our Favourite Fauxmance Books

In a world that is, quite frankly, terrible we have decided to spread some joy by sharing 17 of our favourite fauxmance books with you. You’re welcome. I have asked

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31 Books That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

When you need a lighter read then these 31 Books That Made Us Laugh Out Loud are a great place to start. We ranked the books by how many reviewers

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The Top 15 Lesbian Books of 2017

Why the Top 15 Lesbian Books of 2017, when we usually do top 10 lists? Because 2017 was such an amazing year for lesbian fiction that I couldn’t narrow it

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