Outcast by KJOutcast by KJ Rhiannon Clarke’s week has been unkind, what with having her identity stolen and being relentlessly pursued by underworld thugs. During her escape, she seeks cover in a laundromat where she stumbles into a portal taking her to another realm, Breula.

Rhiannon renamed Sevich, while doing everything she can to return to Melbourne, must win a sword fight to regain her freedom. She soon, much to her equal dismay and delight, discovers she can manipulate elements and starts to fall for Orilaevar Reqsandoral, the goddess-like warrior princess of Breula.

As Sev’s feelings start to grow for not only Ori but for Breula and its people, Sev must decide if returning to Melbourne is really what she desires. Will her increasing elemental powers and relationship with Ori divide the realm, or will Sev stay to save Breula from a danger no one has ever seen before?

This humorous, romantic fantasy set at the end of a spin cycle, is not to be missed!


What I love most about KJ is that she continuously strives to think out of the box with her storylines and never writes the same formula twice. For someone who claims to have never written a fantasy before, KJ has done a masterful job! With Outcast, she creates a delightful fantasy with some serious topics interwoven. Our main character, Rhiannon accidentally falls through a portal at the back of a laundromat in Melbourne to arrive in a realm called Breula. Who else but KJ could create that improbable yet believable storyline? Through the eyes of the newcomer, Sev, KJ spends the first half of the book world-building. Through Sev, we learn about the realm’s hierarchy, balance, manipulation of elements, people, and land. KJ provides a Pronunciation Guide of characters’ names and a map of the realm which both come in quite handy throughout the reading. As the layers of this book are revealed, I found myself highlighting many parts because KJ’s insights into the world around us captivated me.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I enjoyed every moment of this book, especially how Rhiannon (Sev) obtained entry to Breula; only KJ could come up with that delightful plot point! The main and supporting characters are well-developed, intelligent, loyal, and humble. The cover is beautiful and perfectly captures the vibe of this book; well done Em Schreiber! I found I was steadily chuckling throughout the story because of the many tongue-in-cheek moments. These wonderful bits completely captivated me.

Sev is sassy and sarcastic and speaks her mind. She’s not intimidated by Ori’s Royal status or anyone else’s for that matter. Princess Orilaevar Reysandoral Breula (nicknamed, Ori) is the serious and loyal leader of the Guard who is immediately smitten with the challenging, Sev. These two women clash and their tension is delicious.

As Sev spends more time in Breula working as an apprentice honing her Element (metal which she acquired when she tumbled through the portal) she begins to enjoy Breula but misses her home of Melbourne and her best friend, Alex. The dichotomy between happiness and guilt is strong for her.

The ten Elements are an important aspect of this novel and the way that KJ infuses love and respect for them is incredible. Balance, meditation, respect, and honor are also interwoven into the story as well.

Askal Kirmiz and his mother, Jino Kirmiz really help to develop Sev’s character. For the first time in her life, she has a family, a true home, and a place where she’s accepted and belongs. King Rodlamar Reytoris and Queen Sermeh Reytoris, while being royalty, are actually really down to earth. They are approachable to not only their daughter but to the rest of the population. They listen and reflect on what is being said and their actions are precise. Their relationship with Ori is lovely as they’re supportive and understanding while also giving her the push in the direction that she needs.

Without giving anything away, I will say that the end of this book made me downright giddy. The way everything is brought together is simply brilliant!  Bravo KJ!

Heads Up

Nothing! Just enjoy!

The Conclusion

Outcast by KJ is an utterly unique romantic fantasy with delightful characters, beautiful imagery, a realm I’d love to visit, and an engaging storyline. If you are someone who normally shies away from fantasy, I would recommend giving this book a whirl because it’s much different from the usual. If fantasy is your jam, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. KJ  has really done a masterful job!

Excerpt from Outcast by KJ


“I’m sorry,” Rhiannon began. “Normally I wouldn’t be so rude but I think this situation calls for a person hitting the ejector seat on manners. This is all a big mistake. I’m from Melbourne and I fell through a portal into Breula. This place. And the only reason I landed here is because I was being chased by two guys who wanted to kidnap me because apparently I owed money which I didn’t but someone stole my identity so I’ve lost my name, which is so shitty. But then I landed here after escaping through a laundromat and someone shot me with some type of poisonous arrow and apparently I’m now a trespasser and you look like someone who could fix this situation.” Rhiannon ran out of puff.

The woman’s eyes were wide which Rhiannon hoped was concern but she didn’t think so. Probably confusion. Then the woman squinted. Okay. Definitely confusion. Rhiannon slid her gaze to the guard person who was staring at her in fascination in that manner people have when they’ve come across a train wreck. Rhiannon’s skin prickled, then her gaze found the tall woman’s again.

“I look like someone who could help you?” the woman asked.

She sure did. Her whole demeanour was businesslike and her voice was smooth and low and created goosebumps and Rhiannon slapped at her common sense to wake it up.

“Absolutely.” Rhiannon waved her hand up and down in front of the woman. “You look like someone in charge.” Then patting her own chest, Rhiannon smiled winningly. “I’m Rhiannon Clarke, by the way.”

“But you said you have no name.” The woman studied her.

“I do. Sort of. Someone stole it,” Rhiannon replied, sighing through her teeth.

“So you have no name.”

Rhiannon spluttered. “Yes, I do! It’s—”

“I do not understand.” The woman frowned and her guard flicked his eyes between them.

“Oh, for the love of all that is holy.”

“Tell me again, what is your name?”

“Rhiannon Clarke.”

“Your name is not easy to pronounce.” The woman frowned again. She’d dislocate her eyebrows at this rate.



Rhiannon nearly laughed. “Really? What’s your name?”

The guard inhaled sharply and Rhiannon figured she’d stepped over some sort of line. Too bad. The woman straightened her shoulders which wasn’t really necessary considering the almost military bearing she held. Her nearly six feet of height was impressive, and she fixed her blue-eyed gaze on Rhiannon.

“I am Orilaevar Reysandoral, daughter of Rodlamar Reytoris Breula, King of our realm.”

Rhiannon blinked, then blinked again. King. Well, shit. “Ori…laevar Rey…sandoral.”

“Yes. Also, Breula. On the end.” Orilaevar’s finger flicked to the side to indicate the word’s location.

“So…Orilaevar…Reysandoral…Breula.” Rhiannon tipped her head, making sure she’d pronounced it correctly.

The woman nodded seriously.

“Uh huh. And yet Rhiannon is superdooper difficult.” Rhiannon rolled her eyes which, she realised a second later, probably wasn’t a gesture to aim at royalty, and she wondered why the King’s daughter was continuing to entertain her blathering.

There was a pause while they held each other’s gaze.

After a moment, Orilaevar nodded, looked at Rhiannon quizzically, then folded her arms. “Your new name is—”

Rhiannon thrust out two hands, palms up, which made the guard twitch. “Woah! You can’t just change my name!”

“You said that your name no longer belongs to you.” The statement, dry and logical, hit Rhiannon in the chest.

“Well, yeah. But—”

“Therefore, your new name is Sevich.”

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