Change Of Plans by KJChange of Plans by KJ is an Australian romance that’ll leave you thinking and smiling.

After losing her job thanks to a massive company scandal (none of which was her fault), Skye Reynolds has finally put her life back together. Her bike courier service is thriving and her body is in the best shape ever, due to pedaling deliveries all over Melbourne. The only fly in the ointment? She has to find a new place to live and nothing is coming up within her price range.

Emily Fitzsimmons is an architect who likes everything in her life to go according to plan. Unfortunately, her plan crumbles when Emily walks in on her girlfriend cheating on her. In the aftermath, Emily promises her therapist that she’ll try to embrace spontaneity. The perfect opportunity comes up to be spontaneous when her mentor asks if Emily can rent the studio space on her property out to Skye and Emily says yes without thinking about it.

Emily and Skye become attracted to each other pretty dang quickly and fall into a swoonworthy relationship. But can that relationship survive its first major challenge when ethics and Emily’s business collide? It all depends on whether Emily can change some of her plans.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Let’s get the important things out of the way first:

  1. WHOA, the chemistry is unreal in this book. Seriously, top tier chemistry, like what you’d get from a Melissa Brayden or Georgia Beers book. If nothing else, check out this book for the chemistry, because it’s *chef’s kiss* good.
  2. I was a big fan of Skye’s muscles. I’d love to know whether there was inspiration from an actor, because I’m imagining someone super ripped.
  3. I was very happy with how everything ended. The HEA was believable and I can see Skye and Emily going the distance.

Now, let’s get into the things that most impressed me.

The first is the mental health rep. Emily regularly visits her therapist to manage her anxiety and work through trauma. I loved seeing how real this book is about mental health challenges and that it shows someone actively working on them. This is so, so important and as a person who lives with anxiety, I found it validating.

The other thing that surprised me is that Change of Plans has a strong social message. In the second half of the book, it goes into one of the many problematic ways that social systems don’t serve the people they’re meant to take care of and how companies thrive because of it. It was thoughtful and realistic, acknowledging that while no one person can change an entire system on their own, they can still do something good.

Cons And Heads Up

Not a con at all, definitely a heads up/content warning. This is a spoiler, so jump down to the conclusion if you like.

Let’s pass some time together to let the people who want to hop down do so.

Did you know you look great today? That colour is stunning on you.

Have you been watching the big sports thing happening? No? Me neither.

Read any good books lately? I know a great website where you can get loads of recommendations 😉

Okay, are you still with me?

Emily’s father had a lot of erratic behaviour while she was growing up because he had undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Much of Emily’s search for order comes from that. Also, we learn that he died from suicide and Emily found his body. If this is likely to trigger you, you can easily skim past mentions of her father.

The Conclusion

Change of Plans is smart and sexy, and it has a social message! What more could you want—a super buff woman? Well, it has that too! Seriously, if you’re looking for your next contemporary romance, I recommend checking this one out.

Excerpt from Change of Plans by KJ

Enjoying their banter, Skye lifted her gaze as the little office door opened and a slim woman walked into the space. Emily Fitzsimmons. Skye knew exactly who she was. She’d surreptitiously gathered that piece of information from Jas on her last delivery to the architectural firm. Emily made eye contact and smiled briefly, then wandered across to the only other man in the office, who was leaning over some plans at a standing desk near the window.

Skye’s gaze lingered, appreciating Emily’s quite short brown hair, which was in such complete disarray that it had to be professionally styled to look like that. Appreciating how that same hair picked up the sunlight so that the dark blonde highlights popped. Appreciating Emily’s dark brown eyes and how her pretty face was arranged in that focused, contained expression that Skye had noticed on the other occasions she’d delivered. Imagining how her slim figure would feel against Skye’s much more solid body. A delicious tightening, low in her stomach, made itself known and she quickly jerked her head, refocusing on the handheld reader, and ensuring that Jas had signed for the bouquet. Noticing Emily Fitzsimmons was perfectly fine. Drooling all over her hi-vis vest was something else altogether. Time to leave.

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