Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley is a contemporary romance about an A-list celebrity and a paramedic in this compelling opposites-attract novel.

AJ Beckett, a paramedic and a single mother to a 7-year-old autistic child, has been struggling financially and emotionally. Even though life is hard for AJ, she’s able to keep going because she draws strength from her daughter.

Melanie Cooper is a famous actress about to work on a movie which will be her last as she is ready to retire from acting and start her next journey. While people perceive her to be cold, she isn’t like that with the closest people surrounding her. Seeing her brother happy with his significant other, makes her want the same for herself but is afraid of trusting another after experiencing a bad breakup.

It takes several encounters for AJ and Melanie to feel comfortable around each other and admit that there may be something between them. While it is hard for the two to navigate through their relationship because of pay disparity and dealing with being under the public’s scrutiny.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

It was heartwarming to see how quickly Melanie and AJ’s daughter, Parker, bonded with one another. There were so many moments between them that felt so genuine. Melanie understood Parker in ways that so few people did.

While Melanie and AJ’s relationship got off to a rocky start and had a few bumps along the way, they worked with it by communicating with each other. One of the main issues was the pay disparity, and while it was hard for Melanie not to give AJ under the sun, with help from her brother, she learned not to overdo it as it would make AJ uncomfortable.

Cons And Heads Up

My only concern was the believable factor in the number of unlikely coincidences between the two mains.

The Conclusion

Despite the believability of the accidental meetings, the rest of the story is definitely worth a read. Sprinkled in the Stars is a good love story, you will fall in love with Parker even more and the people that surround them.

Excerpt from Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley

Mel slowly opened the door to the dark room and let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding. The room appeared to be an office of some kind, with a desk and comfy-looking chair. A window was casting shadows in the darkness, and when a car went by, illuminating the room in a flood of light before darkness enveloped again, she gasped. She wasn’t alone. There was a child curled up on a couch. A small reading light seemed to bob in thin air but cast a gentle glow over the pages in a book.

“Please don’t turn on the light. It will give me a headache,” the child said without looking up from her book.

“I wasn’t planning on it. My brother said I could use this room to take a few minutes. Would you mind if I stayed?” Mel backed away from the door, not sure how to handle the child.

“I don’t mind if you stay, but try and be quiet. It’s too loud out there, and I’m at an excellent part in this book.” She was lying on her side with her arm tucked under her chin. It appeared she was close to the end of the story.

Mel was impressed by the thickness of the book for such a small child. She didn’t respond, not wanting to interrupt the child’s reading, and made her way to the chair behind the desk. She scrunched her shoulders when the chair creaked loudly under her weight, but the kid didn’t even look up.

Another car went by, and she swiveled the chair to face the sidewall. She read the motivational posters that lined the wall as her thoughts wandered. She finally felt the stress of the night seep into the floor as each quiet second passed.

“Thank you for letting me finish. I’m Parker. Mom says I shouldn’t be in rooms alone with strangers.” Mel flinched, not realizing Parker had gotten up from the couch. She was now standing near her, with her hand out.

“Oh. I’m Mel.” She reached out and shook her hand up and down once before letting go. “That’s smart of your mom.” She nodded, looking towards what she now dubbed in her mind her thinking wall.

“Oh, you’re the lady.”

Mel looked back at the now excited voice of the child. “The what?” Mel tilted her head, trying to think of what she meant.

“Yeah, the lady in the magazine.” Parker was now bouncing on her feet and nodding enthusiastically.

Mel shrugged. Yeah, she supposed that’s how Parker would know her, and she’d graced many magazine pages over the years. She looked down at the tiny Converse the child was wearing. “Your shoe is untied.”

Parker looked down and frowned. “Can you tie it? I know how, but when I get excited and extra bouncy, it’s hard for me sometimes.” Parker stuck her foot towards Mel. Mel didn’t want the child to become embarrassed. She knelt in front of Parker, avoiding eye contact, and tied her shoe. The slight clicking of a fidget spinner whooshed near her ear. Both heads swiveled towards the door when it swung open.

A lady was standing in the doorway, and to Mel, she looked like a superhero. Her body was framed in the doorway, and a car drove by, lighting up the room, which created an aura of power around the new woman. Mel almost reached out to see if she was real before shaking her head and shyly smiling.

“Parker, sweetie, it’s time to go.” Her voice was melodic, and she had an imposing mamma bear attitude that was impressive to Mel. The woman nodded once, and with her daughter in tow, she left just as quickly as she came in.

The interaction left Melanie a little tongue-tied, and she wondered if she had fallen asleep for a second. She looked down, and her eyes fell to the book that Parker had been reading. In a hurry, she must have forgotten it. Mel grabbed it and hurried to try and find Parker.

Mel’s shoulders slumped when she saw the tiny Converse shoe of Parker climbing into the back of a large Jeep. She had rushed outside, and as the flashing bulbs lit up the car, Mel could see the narrowed eyes of the driver. It looked like she was looking directly into her soul and didn’t like what she saw.

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