Trails Merge by Rachel SpanglerTrails Merge by Rachel Spangler is a sweet and sexy romance that takes place on the slopes of a family-run ski resort.

When Campbell Carson’s career-driven girlfriend delivers the ultimatum to choose between her and Campbell’s family, it’s a no-brainer—even if the decision leaves Campbell heartbroken. The big-hearted Carson clan welcome her back with open arms and a job at Bear Run Ski Hill in Wisconsin, where she’s happy to be home even if she’s a little lonely.

Parker Riley may be used to the fast-paced political scene of the Chicago Democratic Party, but a fall from grace leaves her content to retreat to a marketing job at the quiet Bear Run resort. Licking her wounds from the betrayal she experienced in Chicago (in both her love life and her career), the last thing she expects is to find another lesbian in such a remote location. Campbell Carson may not be her usual type, but maybe it’s time to try something new. Can their fledgling relationship survive when Parker’s past comes calling at Bear Run?

The Characters

Campbell and Parker are so damn likeable! Campbell is sweet, thoughtful, and loves her family as much as they love her. I especially appreciated seeing her grow a love that’s just as deep and wholehearted for Parker, as Parker shifted from being a love interest to family in Campbell’s heart. And while it doesn’t look at first sight like Parker will fit in with the Carson family, she actually does as she settles into her friendship and then romantic relationship with Campbell.

I also liked that they were both smarting from setbacks in their lives. This means they’re each learning how to trust the other with their heart, even as they find they can’t stop the attraction between them (or seem particularly inclined to even try to do so).

The Writing Style

Trails Merge has a really easy style to it and a sweet, lovely story. It was my favourite book of Spangler’s for the longest time until she released a string of my new favourites over the last couple of years. That said, I still love Trails Merge even if Timeless and Edge of Glory are the ones giving me heart eyes at the moment.

The Narration

Because I’ve been a fan of this book for so long, I leaped at the chance to listen to the new audiobook. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t love the narration, mostly because Lori Prince’s male voices sounded almost cartoonish and often pulled me out of the story. I still enjoyed the audiobook enough that I listened all the way through, however, and that’s to Rachel Spangler’s credit in writing a book that’s so compelling and adorable.

The Pros

The romance! The characters! The ski resort as a backdrop! Everything worked for me in this book.

The Cons

Again, I didn’t love the narration. No real cons other than that.

The Conclusion

If you want an immersive, well-written romance, I recommend you pick up Trails Merge. It’s way too cute and not to be missed!

Excerpt from Trails Merge by Rachel Spangler

Parker smiled weakly. “When do I start hurtling down the mountain?”

Campbell gave a light laugh. “Let’s learn the basics before we even think about the mountain.”

“And what are the basics?”

“Well, they’re very complicated,” Campbell stated gravely, “very serious positions that will determine the amount of speed and control you have at any given point.”

“Wonderful,” Parker mumbled sarcastically, “what are they?”

Still refusing to crack a smile, Campbell said, “They’re called ‘pizza’ and ‘French fries.’” Parker cocked her head to one side. “‘Pizza’ and ‘French fries?’”

“Hey.” Campbell finally allowed herself to grin. “I told you this isn’t rocket science. Try to have fun.”

“Fine,” Parker sighed, “how do I do a French fry?”

“What about that?” Campbell pretended to be amazed. “You’re already doing French fry.”

Parker regarded her skis, which were exactly parallel and slightly less than shoulder width apart. “This is it?”

“That’s it. You just point your skis ahead of you, down the hill, close enough to keep control of them, but with enough room that they don’t get crossed up. See, they’re like two French fries, side by side.”

“And what does French fry do?”

“It makes you go really fast down the mountain.” Campbell chuckled, knowing that wasn’t the position Parker wanted to start off with.

“What?” Parker gasped. “That’s not what I want to do.”

“Then you’d better learn to pizza,” Campbell teased.

Parker glared at her, but Campbell could tell she was fighting a smile. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am. Why? Aren’t you?”

Parker’s cheeks were rosy from the cold, and she was still gripping her ski poles in a hypervigilant attempt to stay balanced, but her eyes danced with amusement and a slow smile played at the corners of her delicate mouth. “Surprisingly, I am.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781602820395
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Lori Prince

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