A Window to Love by Annette MoriA Window to Love by Annette Mori is a romance, and if you like your romance with something a little a la carte added to the menu, then this book is for you. Mori has produced another gem that will get you thinking long after you have finished reading it. I love that her books always get me thinking; but also, that it is not necessarily over the same thing that will have other readers thinking.

At the start, we meet Mandie Carter, who is Chief Human Resources Officer at a hospital and life is weighing heavily on her. Too many of us have times like this. When work is challenging, or maybe the relationship with the girlfriend has lost its sparkle, or there are extra family responsibilities. Mandie both loses her job for being a lesbian and doubts her girlfriend. They are dark times. She decides that needs to do something to pull herself out of her funk and on the spur of the moment she books herself on a sky diving experience.

Meanwhile, Gail Forrester is struggling to fit enough hours into the day to do the work she needs to do to make ends meet because her ex has left her with financial problems. Despite being a gifted architect, Gail cannot get on top of her work and clients as she tries to dig herself out of debt. Despite the help of Dale, her friend and business partner, she is always running to keep up and failing meaning she is often late and arrives ill-prepared.

Both women are each reaching a crisis point, and we wonder if they meet and if so, how? You will need to read it to find out more because anything I say will be a spoiler.

The Characters

I love the women in this story. Mori writes thoughtfully and with understanding. As a result I feel as if I’ve got up close and personal with the characters. Mandie has what would appear at first glance as a good life, but when we look a little closer we can see how difficult it really is. Her boss and colleagues are providing challenges which Mandie is trying to fix, and they, along with her family, are making her life awkward. She finds no peace because her girlfriend is equally challenging and Mandie fears that she is withdrawing from their relationship. Mandie’s character arc is part of what makes this story interesting, and I particularly love her relationship with her father, which had me laughing out loud numerous times.

Gail is a vital contrast to Mandie. She has an equally problematic life, but the circumstances are altogether different. Gail is on life’s fast sidewalk when on foot, and life’s racing track when on the road in a red Porsche 944. It is not unknown for her to get stopped for speeding. She is short on sleep and struggles to keep going. She does her best to remember names but continually fails, and this element will have you smiling throughout the book.

Tori Fielding, as a gallery owner with her friend Lyn, and Lyn’s wife Eve a painter have an exquisite relationship, and the dialogue and plot timing in the final third of the book highlights this well.

The Writing Style

The book is written in Mori’s easy style, which can lull you into a false sense of security and make you think this is a simple summer read. Yes, it can be and if that is what you are looking for, it will leave you with a feeling of warmth. But saying it’s a simple read is selling the book short.

The three different situations in the book make you aware of the possibilities; they are all contrasting. They give you questions, which are what makes the book special.

Is there such as thing as being soul mates?

What does lucky in life and love mean?

How does fate work?

Are souls fated to meet?

Does fate need a helping hand?

How important is a family?

Throughout the work, even when things are going wrong, there are glimpses of Mori’s humour adding levity to the otherwise serious read.

The Pros

There were a number of plus points for me in the book. It is a very readable romance with a difference. There is lots of angst in places which make you spend time wondering about their outcomes. The thought-provoking plot points add to the surprises in the story. There is something to smile about and, if you enter into the spirit of the story, lots of lovely, warm feelings will come your way.

The Cons

There were none for me.

The Conclusion

This book is a treat! It is an out of the ordinary romance that will take you by surprise and leave you smiling. Something to read when you have one of those days where you intend to spoil yourself.

Excerpt from A Window to Love by Annette Mori

Gail knew she was risking another ticket by jaywalking. She giggled to herself about another sexy cop stopping her as she ran across the street. Her coat billowed all around her body, whipping furiously. The clomp of her flat heels on the pavement kept the beat for the howling wind. Sounds of traffic seemed far away.

The famous Seattle rain tickled her face. Clutching the drawings and her bag, she kept her head down to keep the rain out of her eyes. She didn’t want her mascara to run. If she hurried, she might have time to fix herself up before the meeting.

Screeching brakes were clearly someone’s last-second attempt to avoid an accident. The sound was too close to ignore. Sometimes small details caught her attention at the same time she ignored the big ones.

The black tires of the large metro bus were bald, a terrible combination with the slick roads. No matter how slow the 30,000-pound vehicle was traveling, it was going to hurt. A lot. Gail supposed Seattle’s rabid enforcement of jaywalking laws was a good thing.

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