The Power of Mercy by Fiona ZeddeThe Power of Mercy by Fiona Zedde was a fun short read in Ylva’s Superheroine collection.

Mai is a Meta-human. She is part of one of the most powerful families in North America. Unfortunately for her the power she possesses compared to the others is practically none. Because of a childhood terrorized by her uncle, Mai feels the need to protect humans. Anything from natural disasters to criminals, and even other powerful Metas who tend to terrorize almost anyone weaker than them Mai is there to try and help under the guise of Mercy, a masked crusader.

Mai is part of the Enforcers and when a Meta-human is murder Mai is asked to investigate. When she discovers it is the Uncle who made her childhood a misery Mai struggles to come to terms with herself and decide whether to find her childhood nightmare’s killer or turn her back on her family.

The Characters

Mandaia-Pili is a Meta-human. But due to her lack of strength in her power her family has treated her differently. Because of a traumatizing childhood she is extremely guarded and lives a very solitary life.

Xóchitl by far was my favorite. She starts off cold and seemingly unpleasant until we get to know her. I appreciated her brashness on the playing field of love. She was an excellent romantic interest.

The Writing Style

The beginning started out a tad slow for my taste but after the story picked up I really enjoyed it.

The Pros

The book was fun but oddly what I found the most satisfying was the sex scenes. They weren’t explicit like an erotica but I found them very sensual.

The Cons

My only con was that in the beginning there wasn’t much external dialogue but as the story went on the external dialogue picked up.

Also, I found this book to be more of an internal journey/action/romance than I did of a “who dun’ it” book. (Not really a con more of a public announcement.)

The Conclusion

There are not enough superhero books out in the world in my opinion. Luckily we can add The Power of Mercy to a growing collection. This is a good read for anyone who enjoys a superhero fantasy.

Excerpt from The Power of Mercy by Fiona Zedde

Terror soaked and panting, she struggles under the sheet, aware she is dreaming but unable to wake up. Her pulse tries to hammer its way from under her skin. Her heartbeat is deafening. It takes a forever of incomplete breaths, but she does eventually manage to open her eyes. She gulps greedily at the air, still lost in the dream but closer to her own reality, staring hot-eyed at the bare, white ceiling of her bedroom. Her chest vibrates with fright while the memory of high water ripples behind her eyelids. Even semi-awake from the dreams she’s had too often since she was a child, she still feels the phantom sensation of someone trapping her wrists above her head, water pressing against her nose, and a gentle hand holding her beneath the liquid surge.

“Mama,” she whimpers in the prison of her sweat-damp sheets and feels shame for it.

There was no one to save her then, and no one to save her now.

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 9783955338558

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Power of Mercy by Fiona Zedde. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion, I refuse to review books.