Behind The Green Curtain by RIley LaSheaBehind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea that is so good it should be required reading for anyone who likes dark, erotic romance fiction.

Caton is beyond overqualified for her data job at Halston & Company, but it’s avoiding CEO and office lecher Jack Halston that becomes her mission. Suspicious of his offer to work as a personal assistant to his wife in their home, she takes it anyway when she manages to negotiate a salary too good to pass up.

When she arrives and meets Amelia Halston, she quickly learns Amelia has no idea she’s been hired and has no interest in a personal assistant. Relegated to filing in a basement storage room, she only catches glimpses of her cold, yet beautiful boss. And despite having a sweet, beautiful girlfriend, something keeps drawing Caton to Amelia so that when things become sexual, she just can’t seem to say no.

The Characters

Most of the story is told from Caton’s perspective, and as she gets wrapped up in Amelia, so does the reader. However, there are just enough scenes presenting Amelia’s perspective so that we are better equipped than Caton to interpret her looks and brief touches, which often say more than her words. There’s something about the way they become obsessed with each other that’s compelling and keeps the pages turning.

As much as I love Amelia and Caton, I’m also a huge fan of Sole, and I’d love to know her story as the employee who is paid not to see anything.

The Writing Style

This book is a perfect erotic romance because not only does the sex drive the relationship, but the way Caton and Amelia have sex reflects the emotional progression of their relationship. The first several scenes, Amelia takes by giving Caton orgasms. There’s no talking about it, no kissing, no allowing Caton to reciprocate. When they do finally kiss, it’s not during a sexual encounter. There’s so much sex in this book, but it’s not repetitive because it’s the way they communicate and grow together, despite the impossibility of their situation.

The Pros

The sex as relationship development is a brilliant feat. The portrayal of obsession gives the book the right amount of angst. I also didn’t see that twist coming at all.

The Cons

The cover is awful and does no justice to the book. Also, if you can’t deal with cheating in books, this may not work for you.

The Conclusion

taras favourite lesbian booksJulie's Favourite BooksThis book is brilliant. If you like erotic romances, you must read it. It’s well worth the full price.

Excerpt from Behind the Green Curtain by Riley LaShea

Dark eyes regarding Caton thoughtfully, Amelia slid the wine glass out of her hand, eyeing her over the top of it as she took a sip and drifted away. Walking around the room, she inspected everything in-depth as if she was looking at displays in an art museum.

If she weren’t preoccupied herself, Caton might have worried about what potentially embarrassing mementos she had on display. Gaze trailing over Amelia, though, the realization of how much she had missed her weighed heavily as she tried to fathom how someone could look so perfect in faded jeans and a plain, dark t-shirt.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” she stated, warmth infusing her as Amelia glanced back, seemingly surprised by the statement, which was interesting, since Amelia was clearly aware of the fact.

“You don’t have to say that,” she said, returning her gaze to Caton’s bookshelf.

“I don’t have to?” Caton questioned. “Or I’m not allowed?” Eyes turning to her once again, Caton shrugged. “There seem to be a lot of unspoken rules I don’t know about until I’ve broken one.”

Amelia’s eyes narrowing slightly, she turned away again, and Caton watched the tiniest trace of a smile appear on her lips before she raised the glass to take another drink.

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