Somethings Different by Quinn Ivins: Audiobook ReviewSomething’s Different by Quinn Ivins is an age-gap romance with a unique storyline involving an ice queen and a twin who swaps places with her sister.

Caitlyn Taylor is pretty much guilt-tripped by her family to cover for her twin sister Chloe at Pulaski college as an assistant to the president while Chloe follows her heart to see her long-distance boyfriend. At first, Caitlyn at first flat out refuses Chloe’s idea but eventually gives in as she is still unable to land a job after graduating college.

Ruth Holloway is not well-liked among the staff members at the college and has few people on her side. Her main purpose is to better the college in every shape and form, whether the staff likes it or not.

When Caitlyn first meets Ruth, it does not go well, after witnessing Ruth’s opinion on hiring staff among a few other things, she wanted to quit that day. However, after some thought and convincing from someone who knows their secret, she decides to stick with it for the week. The young woman witnesses a different side to Ruth that makes her empathise with her.

On the other hand, Ruth feels something is amiss with her assistant, suddenly she is on time, has an opinion on academic matters, and can analyse data. She’s convinced it is because she didn’t pay much attention to Chloe but she plans on rectifying that.

When the jig is up, will Ruth ever be able to get past the twins’ ruse?


Rachel: I loved reading this book so when the audio came out, I was super excited, I was even more thrilled to learn that Anastasia Watley did the narration. After listening I can tell you I was right to be excited. Anastasia Watley does a fantastic job at bringing Ivins characters to life. Her smooth, gentle tones helped me get lost in the story and she reads at a pace I enjoy.

There are some points while narrating the longer written dialogue between Caitlyn and Ruth, that Watley’s voices for each character sounded similar. But, it is only in a couple of scenes and it was easy to figure out who was talking as those scenes progressed.

Her voice for Ruth was perfect, sure Ruth is an ice queen but she’s definitely one of the nicer, softer ice queens and the narrator captured this in her performance.

I really enjoyed this listen, and it will be one that I will revisit because it’s one of those audios that is easy to get lost in no matter what you are doing.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Mun Leigh: I was quite intrigued by the premise of the story and wondered how the author would manage the twin switch as adults. Much to my pleasant surprise, I believed it did work. Quinn Ivins’ pacing of the story was well done as the story was not just focused on the twin “switch” but also on Ruth getting past that deception and getting to know Caitlyn as herself.

Caitlyn and Ruth have different beliefs regarding the politics at the college, however, they were each able to have honest conversations and let the other see their sides of things. The two women were able to help each other be better in both their personal and professional lives.

As much as I enjoy a workplace romance, I liked the fact that there were no lines that were crossed albeit a little bit blurred at times. Ruth did not act on her feelings for “Chloe” as much as she wanted to until after Caitlyn was herself and no longer working for her. I enjoyed the build-up of their love story, the feelings were there while Caitlyn was working for Ruth, but did not extend further than that until after Chloe’s and Caitlyn’s switch was revealed.

Rachel:  I agree with Mun Leigh, when I first read the blurb for this story it had me curious as to how the author would pull it off. Ivins did it perfectly, considering the subject of impersonating someone is serious, she handled it with care, just blurring the lines enough to make it believable.

I also appreciated that the power balance on both sides was restored before any romantic relationship began. I actually really loved watching two people who thought they knew each other, discovering new things about each other, and they built a new relationship based on mutual trust.

Heads Up

Mun Leigh: No cons come to mind.

The Conclusion

Mun Leigh: Despite not knowing much about the administrative side of academia, Ivins kept it interesting and informative. To have an intelligent woman in the story is appealing, having two of them who connect on the same level is even more alluring.

Something’s Different has humour, a fascinating plot, and a nice ensemble cast of characters. You can’t go wrong if you pick up this book. Highly recommend.

Rachel: Audio- this is one of those audios that is perfect to listen to while pottering around the house and walking the dog. Watley has a smooth voice that lets you get lost in the story. Her performance of Ivins characters brings this already fabulous book to life, it’s enjoyable, fun, and full of emotions.

This will be an audio that I’ll listen to again. Quick go grab it and let Watley and Ivins take you away from reality for a while, it’s really great.

Excerpt from Something’s Different by Quinn Ivins

“I don’t respond to threats,” Ruth snapped. She crossed her arms, refusing to get up from the conference table despite Steve’s efforts to goad her into a standing confrontation.

Steve loomed over Ruth’s chair and jabbed the air with his finger. “It’s not a threat. I’m telling you what will happen.”

The door burst open, causing them both to jump.

Chloe walked in. “Excuse me.”

Steve whirled around.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt,” Chloe said, “but someone is on the phone from the governor’s office. He said it’s urgent.”

Ruth pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. Her pulse was racing from the argument, and now she had to speak to the governor? “Oh—okay. I’d better take it, then.” Security threats swirled in her mind. Terrorism? A tornado?

Steve turned back to Ruth with flared nostrils. “Are you kicking me out?”

“I need you to wait outside while I take this call.” Ruth stood. “It could be confidential.”

Chloe held the door for Steve, who trudged back into the lobby.

Ruth took deep breaths, attempting to compose herself as she reached her desk and picked up the phone. “Ruth Holloway.” A dial tone sounded in her ear. She looked down, and none of the call lights were on.

The door clicked shut, but Chloe was still in the office.

“Nobody’s on the line.” Had the governor given up on her already? It had only been a minute.

“I know. Nobody called.” Chloe shifted from one foot to the other with a guilty expression.

“Excuse me?”

“I just thought—well, I thought someone should interrupt. He was screaming at you.”

Ruth stared in disbelief. Chloe had come to rescue her? “I can take care of myself.”

“Oh, I know.” Chloe wrung her hands. “I know you can. It was an impulsive decision, I guess. I’m sorry if I overreacted.” Beneath the fake eyelashes, her eyes shone with concern.

Chloe was worried about me. A warm feeling spread through Ruth’s chest. “Perhaps it was for the best. I can’t say I’m sorry for a break from the spittle flying in my face.” She took a long sip from her water bottle.

“Would you like me to get rid of him?” Chloe gestured toward the lobby.

The thought of being done with Steve for the day was too appealing to resist. “Yes, tell him we’ll have to reschedule. And then please come back in here for a minute.” Ruth sank into her chair at the conference table.

Chloe opened the door and poked her head out. “Dr. Holloway must attend to a pressing matter, so she won’t be able to finish your meeting. Please send any further thoughts over email.” Without waiting for a response, she pushed the door closed.

Imagining Steve’s reaction to the cold dismissal brought Ruth cheer. “Have a seat.” She gestured at the chair to her left.

Chloe walked over and sat gingerly in her tight, pink skirt, which parted along the side to reveal a stretch of her tan thigh.

She’s so lovely. The thought bubbled up unbidden, and Ruth shook her head to banish it. God, I need to get a grip. The stress was getting to her.

Chloe shifted and tugged on the fabric. The outfit clung to her like a costume. While Chloe’s wardrobe had once seemed appropriate for her personality—if not for the office—Ruth had come to see a different side of her in recent days, one that suggested the flashy clothes were part of an act. A fun persona to hide her serious, self-conscious side from the world.

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ISBN number: 9783963247392

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Audiobook Publisher: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Anastasia Wately

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