Jody Klaire

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The Empath by Jody Klaire: Book Review

The Empath by Jody Klaire is the story of a young woman with the gift of sensing feelings, the past and future of people around her. When we first meet

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Hayefield Manor by Jody Klaire: Book Review

Hayefield Manor by Jody Klaire is an engaging mystery with a compelling romantic subplot about two exceptionally rare characters. They are thrown together through circumstance, but it seems love may

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Top 100 Lesbian Vacation Novels

If you are anything like me then you love to take a good book with you on vacation, which is why we put together this must-read Top 100 Lesbian Vacation

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In Fashion by Jody Klaire: Book Review

In Fashion by Jody Klaire is a fabulous opposites attract, celebrity romance between a girl next door and one of the best ice queens I’ve seen in all of 2018.

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