Susan X Meagher

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Friday Night Flights by Susan X Meagher: Book Review

Friday Night Flights by Susan X Meagher is the story of Casey and Avery, women with a history that one wants to move past but the other is struggling to

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4 Books Tara Rereads (+ 12 other books we weren’t supposed to talk about)

Sheena is joined by Tara Scott to discuss the 4 Books Tara Rereads and added to TLR’s 55 Most Reread Books. In this episode Tara talks about her selection of

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55 Most ReRead Books

Being an awesome resource for the community of lesbian fiction readers means that we get asked for recommendations and so we have put together a list TLR’s 55 Most ReRead

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Top 100 Lesbian Vacation Novels

If you are anything like me then you love to take a good book with you on vacation, which is why we put together this must-read Top 100 Lesbian Vacation

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Vacationland by Susan X Meagher: Book Review

Vacationland by Susan X Meagher is a story about opening your heart to love, embracing unforeseen circumstances, simplifying your life and living fully. Could you imagine the joy of having

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100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With

Welcome to The Lesbian Review’s list of 100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With. This list will introduce you to new authors and the books that we recommend you start

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15 Best Girl Next Door Novels with Melissa Brayden: Podcast

Sheena is joined today by Melissa Brayden, contemporary romance author, and they put together an epic list of the 15 Best Girl Next Door Novels. Listen to this episode here

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10 Best Friends to Lovers Romances

I’m so excited to share the 10 best friends to lovers romances with all of you. As someone who married their best friend, this theme and many of the books

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