Sheena is joined by Tara Scott to discuss the 4 Books Tara Rereads and added to TLR’s 55 Most Reread Books. In this episode Tara talks about her selection of books.

Alternative Titles For This Episode

  • Apologies, Maple Syrup and other Canadian things
  • The Book Drinking Game!
  • Tara’s Big Fighter Feelings


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Books discussed in this podcast (that were supposed to be discussed)

Kiss The Girl by Melissa Brayden

melissa brayden kiss the girl review on the lesbian reviewPublisher Bold Strokes Books

Audio Narrated by Felicity Munroe


Sleeping with the enemy has never been so complicated. Twenty-eight-year-old Brooklyn Campbell is having a bad day. A speeding ticket, a towed car, and a broken heel are all working against her laid-back vibe. To top it all off, her birth mother, whom she’s never met, has requested contact. The only bright spot is an impromptu date with a beautiful and mysterious brunette. Jessica Lennox is what you would call a high-powered executive. She’s the head of a multimillion-dollar advertising firm in New York City, and it didn’t happen by accident. But when the blonde head turner from the wine bistro turns out to be her number one competitor, her life gets infinitely more complex.

Is New York big enough for both Brooklyn and Jessica? Maybe it’s just time they experienced it together…

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All That Matters by Susan X Meagher

All That Matters by Susan X MeagherPublisher Brisk Press

Audio No


Life is going damned well for Blair Spencer. She’s a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves—and they’re actively working to have a baby.

The wrench in the works is that Blair favors adoption, while her husband David desperately wants to have a biological child. The fates are against them, and they finally seek the help of a group of reproductive specialists. One of the doctors, a surgeon named Kylie Mackenzie, eventually becomes a good friend to Blair. And she needs all of the friends she can get when things start to go horribly wrong at home. As her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she relies more and more on Kylie’s friendship.

Kylie’s happily gay; Blair’s happily straight. But the way they structure their relationship leads friends and family to privately question whether the pair is setting themselves up for heartache. They eventually come to a crossroads, which could either destroy their friendship or turn it into what each of them has been seeking. The question is whether each woman can change her view of herself and her needs. The answer is all that matters.

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Hoosier Daddy by Ann McMan and Salem West

Hoosier Daddy by Ann McMan and Salem WestPublisher Bywater Books

Audio Narrated by Christine Williams


Jill Fryman (Friday to her friends) is a line supervisor at a truck manufacturing plant in a small southern Indiana town. Life on the assembly line is almost as predictable as her love life. When it comes to matters of the heart, Friday always seems to be making the wrong choices. Things go from bad to worse when El, a sultry labor organizer from the UAW, sweeps into town to unionize the plant right after it’s been bought out by a Japanese firm. Sparks fly on and off the line as Jill and El fight their growing attraction for each other against a backdrop of monster trucks, catfish dinners, Pork Day USA, and a bar called Hoosier Daddy.

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The Red Files by Lee Winter

The Red FIles by Lee WinterPublisher Ylva Publishing

Audio Narrated by Victoria Mei


Ambitious Daily Sentinel journalist Lauren King is chaffing on LA’s vapid social circuit, reporting on glamorous A-list parties while sparring with her rival – the formidable, icy Catherine Ayers. Ayers is an ex-Washington political correspondent who suffered a humiliating fall from grace, and her acerbic, vicious tongue keeps everyone at bay. Everyone, that is, except knockabout Iowa girl King, who is undaunted and unimpressed and gives as good as she gets.

One night a curious story unfolds before their eyes: one political launch, 34 prostitutes and a palette of missing pink champagne. Can the warring pair work together to unravel an incredible story? 

This is a lesbian fiction with more than a few mysterious twists.

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Books we discussed in this episode but were not supposed to discuss (yes there really are 12 of them)

From Fluff To Faith – Tara Chats to Ann McMan on Les Do Books

The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien

Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame

Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton

Requiem For Immortals

Galileo by Ann McMan

Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Course Of Action by Gunn Brooke

Truth And Measure by Telanau (Roselyn Sinclaire)

The Lilly And The Crown by Roslyn Sinclair

The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair

Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden


AND you can find the podcast Tara referenced where she chatted to Ann McMan here. It’s called From Fluff To Faith

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