Wild by Meghan O'Brien

Wild by Meghan O’Brien is a paranormal romance with a heavy emphasis on the romance. It’s got the sexiness we all expect from this author, but with a shifter and a wannabe serial killer thrown in the mix, it’s totally different from anything else she’s published.

Selene Rhodes lives alone and stays away from people as much as possible, paying escorts to tie her to a table once a  month so she can’t hurt anyone when the full moon forces her to shift into an inhuman creature. After the new girl refuses to tie her tight enough, Selene wakes up the next morning in Golden Gate Park and finds a dead woman—one that she’s relieved not to have been responsible for. When she returns later that morning to call in an anonymous tip about the body, she feels an inexplicable pull from a woman who’s being attacked in another part of the park.

Eve Thomas is a forensic pathologist who became famous for catching a serial killer and writing a bestselling book about it. She’s terrified when she’s attacked during her early morning walk, but doesn’t know what to think when she’s saved by a wolf. A beautiful woman comes to her rescue and walks her home, and Eve feels an immediate, powerful attraction to Selene like she’s never experienced before.

Selene knows she can’t let Eve know the truth about her and that it’s best to stay away, yet finds that she’s already attached at a soul-deep level. When it’s clear that Eve’s attacker was not only the person who murdered the woman she’d found in the park, but that he’s now fixated on Eve, Selene knows only one thing for sure—she has to keep Eve safe.

This is Sheena here, butting in. I got this audiobook as part of my audible subscription and I LOVED it – Tara does a fantastic job of reviewing it, so I will let her get back to it. Just know that I agree 100% with everything she says.

The Characters

Oh Selene. I looooove her. She’s so dark and broody, determined to stay alone for everyone else’s safety. Her almost instant, complete love for Eve is beautiful, and the way it pushes her to discover more about herself and her abilities is fantastic in every sense of the word. Also, how cool is it that she can shift into more than just a wolf?

Eve also grows throughout the book in a way that’s very satisfying. She’s so good at her job, brilliant at putting together patterns, yet has an unhappiness about her. Eve is still feeling burned by her breakup with her cheating ex and coworker Jac, and it’s lovely seeing those scars heal thanks to Selene’s love and devotion.

Speaking of Jac, I have mixed feelings about her, and that’s nothing to do with the author’s skill at writing her. Jac’s concern for Eve’s safety is genuine (and warranted!), and it’s understandable that she’d regret letting a catch like Eve go. I wondered whether she truly regretted it or if she’s like a little kid who doesn’t want a toy until someone else has it, but I was happy with where she was at by the end of the story.

The Writing Style

Wild has an easy style to it, making the time pass quickly. I liked the paranormal element quite a lot, even if I still have questions. I’m hoping there will be more books in this setting because I want to know how it is that Selene is a shifter. Are there more people like her? Do they all have the ability to take on different shapes? Can she shift to take the form of any other human or can she only take animal/insect forms?

The Narration

I… may have a new audiobook narrator crush, because wow does Alexandria Wilde ever have a hot voice. She does a fantastic job performing Wild, bringing the characters and situations to life.

Sheena: I agree with this entirely. This is a hot book with loads of sex scenes and often narrators kind of read it like they are just telling us a story. Wilde narrates with more emotion and her sex scenes didn’t feel awkward or weird, they were fun and totally steamy.

The Pros

I was engrossed by Selene and Eve’s relationship and every interaction they had with each other. The character work is excellent. The plot is great. Even the villain was handled well, and the scenes from his perspective were interesting and disturbing.

The Cons

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but there may have been a little too much sex on the page during that last full moon episode. I suspect I feel that way because I was listening to it, rather than reading on my Kindle, though.

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The Conclusion

Have you been looking for a sexy paranormal lesbian romance? Look no further. Wild by Meghan O’Brien is so good and I highly recommend the audio book.

Excerpt from Wild by Meghan O’Brien

Selene moved a large slice of cake onto a plate, then plucked two forks from the drawer next to the sink. “Do you mind sharing?”

Eve shook her head, struck dumb by how very much the idea appealed to her. Dimly she thought about how uncharacteristic this situation was for her, everything from pursuing a woman to sharing a dessert, but that didn’t make it feel any less natural. Nothing had ever been easier. “That sounds perfect.”

Selene brought the plate to the counter and set it between them, then handed Eve a fork. “So how are you doing? Really?”

Eve waited for Selene to take the first bite before spearing a small piece for herself. “I’m fine. Honestly.”

Searching Eve’s face as she chewed, Selene said, “You’re not wearing your glasses today.”

“Oh.” Eve touched the bridge of her nose. “What happened in the park has finally inspired me to try contact lenses. I’m still getting used to them.”

“I like being able to see your eyes. I didn’t realize they were so blue.”

Her face burning, Eve said, “Thank you.”

Selene used her fork to point at the cake. “That’s delicious.”

“Yes, it is.” Eve took another bite. She’d never eaten anything so incredible. Almost as though being with Selene made everything taste better. “You may have to wrestle me for the last bite.”

Selene gave her a smoky look that whetted Eve’s appetite for something more decadent than chocolate. “Oh, I could take you.”

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ISBN number: 9781602822276

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios

Narrator: Alexandria Wilde

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