Crystal M Romero

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100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With

Welcome to The Lesbian Review’s list of 100 Best Lesbian Books To Start With. This list will introduce you to new authors and the books that we recommend you start

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10 Best Supernatural Lesbian Books

This is my list of the 10 best supernatural lesbian books. I adore reading supernatural novels and am always drawn to them so I thought I would put out a

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Valley Of The Dead by Crystal M Romero: Book Review

Valley Of The Dead by Crystal M Romero is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary, sometimes romantic but always utterly charming zombie apocalypse novel. And what makes it even better is

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10 Best Lesbian Book Covers 2015

We scoured the internet, received submissions from authors and publishers and sat with piles of books around us until we found the 10 Best Lesbian Book Covers in 2015. Okay,

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