Romantic Subplot (B)

A romance that is connected with but less important than the main plot in a story. A secondary part of the story and not the main focus.

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Smokey O by Celia Cohen: Book Review

Smokey O by Celia Cohen is a story that takes us on a trip into the dugouts of the Women’s Baseball League, where the personalities are as big and diverse

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The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes: Audiobook Review

The Amnesia Project is a suspenseful romance with a dystopian twist about a missing teenager, a young woman who can’t let go, and the twisted paths that lead them towards

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The Queen Of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin: Book Review

The Queen Of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin is exactly my kind of book. It has a kick ass princess who looks like a soft and squishy marshmallow at first. Add

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Love Is Not Nothing by Lee Winter: Book Review

Love Is Not Nothing by Lee Winter is a short follow up to Requiem For Immortals. It’s a snapshot into the life of Natalya and Alison a few years after

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