The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie CalvinThe Queen Of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin is exactly my kind of book. It has a kick ass princess who looks like a soft and squishy marshmallow at first. Add another princess who is a reluctant heir to the throne after her brother’s death and put them in a will she/won’t she marriage situation.

The story starts with Princess Esofi of Rhodia arriving in Ieflaria after traveling a long way to marry the boy she has been betrothed to since she was seven. The only problem is that he is now dead and set to take the throne is a very reluctant Princess Adale.

Adale is used to waking up late, ignoring her tutors and doing as she pleases. She was the younger sibling and so she had no reason to believe that she would ever have responsibilities. Then her brother died and now she is not only in mourning for her sibling but she has a whole heap of responsibilities loaded onto her shoulders. Responsibilities she does not want and would love to run away from.

When Esofi is offered Adale’s hand in marriage instead she is determined to make the most of it but Adale seems not just disinterested but downright determined not to marry this strange and rather interesting princess from another land.

Adale’s parents are pushing her to do the right thing because the only other option is one of her cousin’s who are not the nicest of people and with the increasing attacks from dragons Ieflaria needs Esopfi’s battle mages to keep their people safe.

My Thoughts Overall

Both of the main characters were entertaining to read about and the more I got to know Esofi and Adale the more I liked them.

The story was wonderful and the characters were adorable which made up for the fact that there were some things that were not quite polished about the book. For example, I would have loved a more drawn out ending. It felt like it ended a little abruptly.

I would have also liked more romance. There were such cute moments when the two women were noticing each other and I would have liked more of that. I wanted to see the escalation of those feelings.

This book could have been twice the length and been an even better read. Parts felt rushed or glossed over.

Having said all of that, I really enjoyed it and it had some truly wonderful moments and touches.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

Effie Calvin created an awesome world with two memorable princesses who I will visit again and again. It’s a short book, at just 182 pages, but a fun one that is worth the read. I hope that there are plenty more books in this world and that I get to read them all.

If you like kick ass princesses, dragons, magic and arranged marriages then this is a go to.

Excerpt from The Queen Of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin

“Have you anything to report?” asked Esofi.

“Only gossip and speculation,” said Lisette in that dry voice of hers. She crossed her arms. “But if you are truly able to handle the dragons, I think they will have little reason to complain.”

“You know perfectly well that I can,” said Esofi, focusing on her embroidery. “What else have they been saying?”

“There is also the question of heirs,” said Lisette. “The Ieflarians worry that neither of you will be able to hold a Change long enough to produce one.”

“Mm,” said Esofi. “Well, we shall handle that situation when it arises. And what do they say of the Crown Princess Adale?”

“It would seem Her Highness is ill-suited to be her parents’ heir or anyone’s betrothed.” Lisette’s eyes narrowed. “She spends her days hunting, riding, or drinking, disrespects the gods, and takes no interest in state matters.”

Esofi pressed her lips together.

“But,” added Lisette with a touch of reluctance in her voice, “it seems the castle staff is genuinely fond of her. Several servants tried to convince me that she is of good character.”

“Has she said anything of me?” asked Esofi.

“A servant was sent to her with the news yesterday,” explained Lisette. “But he says she may have been too drunk to understand the message.”

Esofi found herself wondering which purse her prayer beads were in. “Very well. Thank you for your service.”

Lisette disappeared into the ladies’ suite, and Esofi went on embroidering, admiring the way her hands did not tremble.

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