The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S Cox was a great way to pass the time.

The Kingdoms of Lucernia and Evermoor have been at war with each other for 20 years. It has long been known the people of Evermoor have been consumed by demons and are blood thirsty stopping at nothing to destroy Lucernia. But a prophecy is foretold that the King of Lucernia, King Talomir, will bore a heir that will end the war; except there is no mention of when or how.

Oona is King Talomir’s only child. The King’s fear of her assassination has kept her locked away for the majority of the 16 years she has been alive. Her only solace is her childhood best friend Kitlyn, an orphan abandoned at the castle when she was three and taken in by the King. Unfortunately as of late, Oona very rarely gets to see Kitlyn, the servants are often piling on additional workloads, jealous of Kitlyn’s raised status but poor family lineage.

It is when a prince from a neighbouring kingdom is invited to stay at the castle Oona fears her father is about to ask her to wed him. He is handsome and he is charming but he is not Kitlyn.

Afraid she will have to marry a man and lose Kitlyn forever Oona runs away leaving a note for her best friend to find her.

Hopefully Kitlyn will be able to find her before the assassins do.

The Characters

Oona and Kitlyn are the leading ladies. Oona is the princess who, while spoiled, has a pure heart. Kitlyn on the other hand is steady and strong. Day in and day out she bears the hatred and contempt of the other servants.

I found both girls likable.

The Writing Style

I really enjoyed Matthew’s storytelling style. The story kept me entertained throughout and I found it an enjoyable way to pass the time.

The Pros

It was longer than the average lesfic so I was able to get a more invested look into the life of the characters.

The Cons


The Conclusion

Looking for a longer book with just as much adventure as it has pages, I would recommend this one.

Excerpt from The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S Cox

“Be careful,” said Kitlyn from underneath. “We’re not as small as we were, and the tree will rip that lovely fabric.”

Oona leaned her weight to one side to look down. Kitlyn had braced herself against the tree as if to climb, but looked off to the side.

“What is it?”


“What you’re staring at over there.” Oona tried to follow her gaze, but nothing of interest caught her eye.

“I’m merely not looking up,” said Kitlyn.

Oona pulled herself a little higher. “What? Why not? How are you going to climb?”

“Because, umm… I will see your smallclothes. You’re wearing a dress. You’ve removed all your underpinnings, and I can see straight up to that little scrap of fabric.” Kitlyn’s cheeks turned scarlet. 

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781974550890

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