Driven by Suzanne FalterDriven by Suzanne Falter is a sweet romance about an Irish woman, torn between her need for a lousy job and her own values who meets and falls for a woman she may not be able to resist, and who may be worth blowing up her life for.

Kate is an Irish Catholic who totally absorbed the belief that she must be a good girl. For the last seven years, her job has forced her to work against her beliefs in the service of a narcissistic, abusive, competitive ex-race car driver named Mindy Rose. She would have left long ago if she was not afraid that as an undocumented alien, she’d be sent back to the life of a lonely lesbian in Ireland whose parents disapproved of her and whose job as a waitress was a dead end.

Lizzy is the opposite of Mindy Rose. Kind, giving, honest, and sweet. Working with her partner Tenika, she gives the women of Oakland a woman-run garage called Driven, where work on their cars is done well and charged for honestly. Driven is an institution in the neighborhood.

Mindy Rose has recently opened a competing auto shop in the area, offering chair massages and sushi. She is intent on pushing Driven out of business. Kate is her assistant (or slave), and she will be made to do the dirty work such as posting negative reviews about Driven. Kate delays as much as she can, and ends up only writing one, but it carves at the hole growing in her soul and she realizes that she has GOT to get out of this job as soon as possible.

When Kate has a blowout and ends up at Driven, she meets Tenika and Lizzy. Kate uses a fake name and cash. She is treated with kindness and honesty, and a bit oOKf interest from Lizzy. She finds Lizzy intriguing, but she knows she needs to get out of there before the garage owners learn who she works for. When she goes back the next day to pick up her car, she begins talking with Lizzy, and finds herself making suggestions that might help keep Driven in business. In the next couple of days, Kate finds herself compelled to spend time with Tenika and Lizzy, working on her ideas, and growing closer to Lizzy.

What will happen when Lizzy and Tenika find out the truth about Kate? Tenika is already suspicious. Will Kate find the courage to quit her job in spite of the consequences?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I liked that one of the owners of the garage suspects Kate all through the story. I loved that these women were hard-working and earnest; willing to put in the work if they just knew what they needed to do to make their garage a success. Suzanne Falter shares her positive beliefs in a gentle way that is easy to take in.

Cons And Heads Up

Women in business trying to beat other women down always bothers me.

The Conclusion

If you like a pretty relaxed and very sweet love story, with medium angst, you will enjoy Driven. Women who are caretakers will recognize themselves.

Excerpt from Driven by Suzanne Falter

Just close your eyes and taste,” Lizzy counseled.

Kate lifted a steaming forkful of Lizzy’s creation to her mouth and slowly tasted the explosion of flavors. There was a note of cracked red pepper, a high key accent to the earthy flavor of the sardines, onions and squash. “This is utterly amazing,” she said, shaking her head. “It’s so simple, but I taste so many flavors.”

“Can you taste the cheese?” asked Lizzy with a smile.

“I love that part.” Kate gazed brightly at her new lover. “You are good at a lot of things, aren’t you?” she noted.

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Kate,” Lizzy chuckled. “I’m good at some things and not others. I mean, I’m terrible at math and forget about balancing a checkbook. And I don’t think I’ve ironed anything since about 1990. Definitely don’t open most of the drawers and closets in this place.”

“I don’t expect perfection,” Kate said. “I think you’re what I’ve been looking for, just as you are.”

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