Asset Management by Annette MoriAsset Management by Annette Mori  is the first book about the women from the Organization.

Toni, Sophie and Kim are best friends who work together to take from wealthy bank executives, and give to more deserving lower classes.  When their most recent mark has connections to the Russian mafia, and a beautiful but mysterious woman comes into Toni’s life, can they stay focused and continue their Robin Hood ways?  Or will the mysterious woman and her covert all-female organization be the distraction that puts all of their lives in danger?  Through all the twists, suspense, and danger, is there room for romantic feelings to grow for the three friends?

The Characters

Toni, Sophie, and Kim are best friends who each offer different and unique strengths to their team of redistribution experts.  Toni is tall, dark, and sexy, and a genius to boot.  She is a womanizer but underneath it all is a sensitive soul who loves her friends with her whole heart.  Sophie is ex-FBI, and not afraid to put her life on the line for what she believes in.  And is madly and secretly in love with Kim.  And Kim, well… we get a glimpse of who Kim is, but her character arc is less about her as an individual and more about her as part of the three women crew.  All 3 women are written as smart, passionate, inherently good women with history… and thankfully we learn some of that history throughout the book.

Annette Mori has also introduced characters from what she has called The Organization (interestingly the name of her second book in this series… I wonder what she has in store for them!!).  Char is the lead character from the organization, and she is a highly capable undercover agent with some serious personal baggage.  Rhonda is a no holds barred, full speed ahead type with a penchant for shoot first, ask questions later.  Maggie is the leader of the organization, who you sense has a full history full of secrets and twists in Mori’s head that may just explode into a book at some stage, and while she plays a very small role in this book, it is crucial to the organization’s storyline.

Mori has managed to nicely entangle her characters with each other from start to finish in Asset Management.  There are other characters in this book that are also well written, and Mori is a master at introducing secondary characters throughout the book without warning, and yet they are critical to the story.

The Writing Style

Mori has produced a masterclass of how to pace a storyline.  Just when you think it is safe to put this book down and take a breath (or get some sleep!!), she throws another twist or revelation at you, and instantly draws you back into the story.  Annette Mori is brilliant at illustrating her world in such a way that you almost feel you are there, and Asset Management is a real pleasure to read because of this.

The Pros

I felt transported.  This was my first foray into a world Annette Mori has created, and I was immediately impressed with the vivid images she managed to portray.  Loved the character of Toni, the sexy geek, and I felt like there was a character for everybody in this diverse group of women.  A suspense filled storyline, with enough edge of the seat action to keep me engaged until the end of the book.  A great read.

The Cons

None as far as the storyline or characters go.  Abuse of young girls is a minor part of the storyline though so if this is a trigger for you, maybe this book is better left on your shelf.

erins favourite booksThe Conclusion

Asset Management is a fantastic read if you’re into suspense and a “goodies vs baddies” type of storyline.  With links to the FBI, Russian Mob and Mori’s fictional Organization, there is plenty to love about this book, and the characters are all exactly what you would hope they could be… The good ones are endearing, and the bad ones are repulsive.  Annette Mori has done a fabulous job of writing characters you want to read over and over again… and given that there is a sequel to this book, I intend to do just that!

Excerpt from Asset Management by Annette Mori

Char’s high heels clicked on the hard sidewalk as she made a quick exit from the café.  She turned the corner rapidly and joined an attractive blonde who was walking quickly ahead of her.

“Nice job, Ronda.  Is Maggie pissed?”

“Nah, these things happen, Besides, I was more worried about their exposure.  However, that does put you behind the eight ball, huh?”

“Yes and no.  She doesn’t trust me yet.  She gave me one of her special business cards.  So I need to drop by the office and place it on my desk where it will stay.  I’m actually surprised that she would try that old trick.  If she really thinks I’m some kind of spy, surely she would know I’m too smart to fall for that.” Char shrugged.

“Oh, I don’t know, Char.  She’s supposed to be brilliant – maybe it’s not your run-of-the-mill tracking device.”

“Hmmm, what have you heard?”

“Only that she’s off-the-charts smart and has invented some really amazing things.”

“Good to know.  I guess I’d better be particularly cautious about where I go for the next few days until I get her to trust me.”

“How will you do that?” Ronda asked.

“I plan on asking her to dinner and turning on the charm.  I have to admit this mission is more fun than the last.  Maybe we’ll even get to be genuine friends before this is all over.  Besides you, Dani, and Maggie, I don’t really have anyone I can depend on.”

“I’m not sure subterfuge is the best way to start a friendship.  I just don’t understand why Maggie didn’t just approach them like she did with the rest of us.”

“I’m sure she has her reasons.  I would suspect Sophie is not real fond of any organization that remotely resembles the FBI or CIA and Toni – well Toni is Toni.  She’s always been a rogue player in everything.  I don’t think she does well playing with others.”

“Neither do you, but Maggie got you to join.” Ronda frowned.

“I had my reasons.”

“Don’t we all,” Ronda mumbled.

Char looked up at Ronda and wondered about the strange comment from her friend.  “Maggie saved our lives.”

Char tried to erase the memories of her dysfunctional youth and the dirty trailer in the backwoods of Alabama.

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  • ISBN number: 9780908351084
  • Publisher: Affinity E-Book Press NZ

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