Reviewed by Mildred

MildredI’ve always liked to do too many things. My dad taught me how to appreciate movies, especially the bad ones, and my mom got me hooked on books. There were always three to five books waiting for me in different rooms back then but now I stick with one e-book at a time.

For a while I wrote fiction and went to science fiction conventions to hang out with authors, artists, and Klingons. There are only a few places in the US I haven’t been to and I’ve played several sports competitively. After many years and a slew of jobs I settled into the quiet life of an office weenie until retirement.

Just don’t ask me to be the life of the party because that’s not a thing.

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25-39 Lead (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Contemporary (B)Dramatic Romance (with lots of angst) (B)Femme Lead (B)Joint reviewLesbian (B)Medical Professional (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Neurodiverse Lead (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Veterinarian (B)

Dreamer by Kris Bryant: Book Review

From our review: “I adored Sawyer, her curiosity, compassion, and romantic nature. Her life was turned completely upside down yet she didn’t shy away from getting answers and opening her heart to Macey.”

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Academia / Education (B)American Lead (B)Bildungsroman / Coming Of Age (B)Books Fiction (B)Contemporary (B)Fantasy Novels (B)Lesbian (B)New Adult (18 - 24) Lead (B)No Graphic Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsShifter (B)Speculative Fiction (B)Student (B)Supernatural (B)Transgender Lead (B)Urban Fantasy (B)

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Amy Allen: Book Review

From our review: “This character driven piece has a load of great characters, especially Harper and Esther, and Esther’s college friends who are smart, brave, and super loyal to their sheep in wolf’s clothing”

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25-39 Lead (B)Audiobook (B)Books Fiction (B)Marriage Of Convenience / Fauxmance (B)No Graphic Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Small Business Owner (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)

Bride of the Elven Innkeeper by Autumn Wolff: Audiobook Review

From our review: “Despite the continuing threat of a dangerous religious cult, the story is peaceful, sweet and humorous throughout.”

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25-39 Lead (B)Actress (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Celebrity (B)Contemporary (B)Femme / Femme (B)Femme Lead (B)Joint reviewLesbian (B)Marriage Of Convenience / Fauxmance (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Pet Mommy (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Slow Burn Romance (B)Trapped Together / Forced Proximity (B)

Cover Story by Rachel Lacey: Book Review

From our review: “pets were a fantastic addition to the book. The dogs rank high on the dorky cuteness spectrum and Cassie the spitfire kitten putting the rambunctious boxers in their place was great”

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25-39 Lead (B)Action Novels (B)American Lead (B)Asexual / Aromantic Lead (B)Bisexual / Pansexual Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Contemporary (B)Fantasy Novels (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Shifter (B)Slow Burn Romance (B)Speculative Fiction (B)Supernatural (B)

Moonbreak by Lise MacTague: Book Review

From our review: “The wolven world the author has created is deeply drawn and this book immerses the reader in the struggles of this core group of strong willed and powerful creatures.”

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Adventure Novels (B)Bildungsroman / Coming Of Age (B)Bisexual / Pansexual Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)British Lead (B)Comedy / Humour Novels (B)Contemporary (B)Fantasy Novels (B)New Adult (18 - 24) Lead (B)No Graphic Physical Relations (B)Paranormal (B)Reviews & ListsSpeculative Fiction (B)Supernatural (B)Urban Fantasy (B)

Always Carry Your Scythe by Pip Paisley: Book Review

From our review: “A screwball odessey is always fun, and this one is especially well laid out. Humor is maintained throughout and the gritty parts of Trixie’s adventures are no walk in the park.”

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25-39 Lead (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Contemporary (B)Cozy Mystery Novels (B)Lesbian (B)No Graphic Physical Relations (B)Paranormal (B)Reviews & ListsRomantic Subplot (B)Speculative Fiction (B)Thrilling Reads (B)

Perilous Things by Elizabeth Andre: Book Review

From our review: “What seems a bit of a cozy mystery quickly becomes a dangerous game to people directly and indirectly involved. When the team itself is threatened, the threat feels very real with an edge of the seat thrill.”

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Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Futuristic (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Opposites Attract (B)Pilot (B)Reviews & ListsRoyalty (B)Science Fiction (B)Short Story / Novella (B)Space Opera (B)Speculative Fiction (B)

What the Empress Wants by Daisy Fairchild: Book Review

From our review: “Because it’s a short fiction the author wastes no time introducing the well-drawn milleau in which Her Most Royal Excellency Alludos Minaris Xeratos Koxinahmalof the house Ehkâsorki, First Daughter, Princess of the Moons of Mellinanious and the Thalas Belt, Empress Ascendant becomes the biggest prize in the galaxy.”

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25-39 Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Butch / Stud Lead (B)Celebrity (B)Fated Love / Soulmates (B)Femme Lead (B)Historical (B)Historical Thriller (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Musician (B)Reviews & ListsSmall Town (B)

Whiskey War by Stacy Lynn Miller: Book Review

From our review: “Violence and power struggles create a lot of tension, and the whole book has a waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling. It’s tiring but well worth the effort.”

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25-39 Lead (B)Accountant / CFO (B)Adventure Novels (B)American Lead (B)Boats and Ships (B)Books Fiction (B)Criminal (B)Dramatic Romance (with lots of angst) (B)Historical (B)Historical Thriller (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Pirate (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Series (B)Thriller Novels (B)Thrilling Reads (B)

The Heart of the Banshee by Carolyn Elizabeth: Book Review

From our review: “It’s got a tough but loving captain and a taut crew always ready for a sea battle. There is a lot of action that puts everyone in danger and requires strength and bravery to overcome. What I didn’t expect and actually had me on the edge of my seat was when the story takes a turn toward creepy.”

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