firelight by Sabrina Blaumfirelight by Sabrina Blaum is an exquisite forbidden romance with deception, power struggles, and loads of magick.

The sudden shift in fate thrust Gwendoline Dagon into a position she never desired nor imagined. As she struggles with the weight of her impending queenship, her heart wrestles with conflicting emotions—duty, grief, and the longing for a life she once dreamed of. But fate’s path seems unyielding, and Gwendoline finds herself at odds with the formidable Amara Payne, whose duty as High Mage is to guide the reluctant queen-to-be.

Amara Payne, with her steely resolve and unwavering dedication to the kingdom, sees in Gwendoline a challenge unlike any she’s faced. Tasked with preparing the unprepared princess for her newfound role, Amara faces resistance at every turn. Yet, beneath Gwendoline’s reluctance, she sensed a flicker of potential—a spark waiting to be ignited.

As they navigate the treacherous waters of politics and power, Gwendoline and Amara are entangled in a web of intrigue and danger. Together, they must overcome external threats and the inner demons that threaten to tear them apart.

In the face of adversity, Gwendoline and Amara forge an unlikely alliance, bound by their shared struggle and the relentless pursuit of a better future for their kingdom. And in the face of adversity, they discover that sometimes, fate has a way of leading them exactly where they need to be.

A forbidden romance blooms between Gwendoline and Amara within the intricate tapestry of courtly intrigue and power struggles in Reshaya. Can these two souls, bound by duty yet yearning for something more profound, carve out their own destiny?


Sabrina Blaum’s world-building in Reyshaya is captivating! The interplay between political intrigue, magical elements, and character growth adds depth and richness to the tale. Blaum skillfully weaves together various elements to create a multilayered narrative that will keep readers engaged and as always, her dialogue is both witty and poignant.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

firelight’s cover is stunningly beautiful and made me wonder what exactly firelight is. It’s a cover I could look at for hours if time allowed.

The clash between Amara and Gwen is like the collision of two formidable forces, each entrenched in their beliefs about the future of Reyshaya. Amara, steeped in tradition, represents stability and continuity. Her nearly eight centuries of life have likely provided her with a deep understanding of the intricacies of governance and the reasons behind Reyshaya’s established systems.

On the other hand, Gwen’s insistence on a progressive shift indicates her desire for change and adaptation to modern challenges. She sees the potential for improvement and innovation, even if it means challenging long-standing norms and traditions. Her willingness to go toe-to-toe with Amara shows a strong (and admirable) determination. Their quarrels and continuous back-and-forth show that deep down they both want what’s best for Reshaya and also enjoy pushing the other’s buttons much to the delight of this enthusiastic reader.  As the tale progresses, Amara and Gwen must face some hard truths, that will test both of their wills.

Gwen and Amara are both strong, stubborn, and brilliant women. Their differing personalities and viewpoints make their interactions extremely volatile. They argue, bicker, and spar, but under the surface lies an undercurrent of electricity neither has ever felt. Sabrina Blaum certainly knows how to create chemistry between her main characters, and with Gwen and Amara, they are downright scorching. Their fire and ice personalities only enhance the electricity between them. And Blaum’s use of an element of Amara’s magick nearly melted my brain…shew!   

Amara’s 800-year journey has been filled with twists and turns yet she’s never experienced anything quite like Gwendoline Dagon. Despite her “old” age, she’s new to (this thing called) feelings and she’s (understandably) unsure how to process them. This unfamiliar territory leaves her unable to communicate. She makes judgments and assumptions that are downright infuriating, but Gwen’s stubbornness allows for some entertaining moments. The ups and downs as they navigate the complexities of their evolving relationship combined with their clash of wills over Reshaya’s future make this an extremely compelling read.

Heads Up

None for me.

The Conclusion

firelight by Sabrina Blaum is a sexy, captivating read with its combination of romance and tension-filled dynamics between two women who thrive on arguing. Blaum crafted a narrative that delves into themes of acceptance, honesty, and trust while keeping readers hooked with secrets, magick, and intrigue. The steam factor is ramped up in the most exquisite of ways allowing readers to fall in love with two flawed and brilliant women. Grab your copy, get comfortable, and enjoy this riveting romantasy!

Excerpt from firelight by Sabrina Blaum

She eventually arrived at her destination and knocked on the High Mage’s door, opening it a moment later when a raspy voice called for her to enter.

“High Mage Payne,” Gwen said upon entering the office, gazing at the statuesque woman rising from her chair and stepping around the desk toward her. She’d last seen her at her father’s funeral, and she hadn’t aged a day. The benefits of magick, she supposed.

She stood tall, having a few inches on Gwen, and she had swept her black, curly hair back into a tight bun. Her clear blue eyes looked warmer than Gwen had seen before in someone with that glacial shade of blue, and Payne’s warm brown skin seemed to heighten this perception. Her full lips offered a small smile before she bowed her head and held out her hand in greeting. They were equals, it seemed.

“Princess Gwendoline. I’m happy you’ve made it to the palace safe and sound. Please call me Amara.”

Gwen didn’t accept the offered hand, only stared at Amara for a moment. “I had little choice in the matter.” Being overruled on what she did and where she went proved to be irksome enough, but this new development had left her speechless, filled with so much blinding rage that Gwen worried she’d explode.

Amara’s arm fell to her side, and a frown marred her beautiful features. “May I ask—”

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