Futuristic (B)

A story set in the future but not necessarily science fiction.

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Threadbare by Elle E. Ire: Book Review

From our review: “The underlying skeleton of the story, is a sci-fi action-thriller, but the meat and heart of Threadbare lie in the characters of Vick and Kelly, and the dynamic relationship between them.”

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What the Empress Wants by Daisy Fairchild: Book Review

From our review: “Because it’s a short fiction the author wastes no time introducing the well-drawn milleau in which Her Most Royal Excellency Alludos Minaris Xeratos Koxinahmalof the house Ehkâsorki, First Daughter, Princess of the Moons of Mellinanious and the Thalas Belt, Empress Ascendant becomes the biggest prize in the galaxy.”

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The Order by TJ O’Shea: Book Review

From our review: “The Order by TJ O’Shea is a perfectly written tale with incredible main characters, amazing supporting characters, action, drama, sarcasm, and romance.”

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Unusual Minds by Tracie Hollis: Book Review

“The writing itself is beautiful. The use of language is emotive and the descriptions are vivid. The story is unique and interesting and I believe that lovers of science fiction will probably adore this book”

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The Purification: Book One Alpha Evolution Series by Michele L. Coffman: Book Review

The Purification: Book One Alpha Evolution Series by Michele L. Coffman is a post-apocalyptic military thriller and even though its pages are crawling with monsters, there’s a beautiful love story

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Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame: Book Review

Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame is a romantic thriller set in the fictional near future world of Denbourg. Undercover reporter Casey James has gone so deeply in for her last

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Now Will Machines Hollow the Beast by Benjanun Sriduangkaew: Book Review

Now Will Machines Hollow the Beast by Benjanun Sriduangkaew is another fiery hot, heart pounding installment in Sriduangkaew’s cyberpunk/space opera Machine Mandate series. It can be read as a standalone

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Wasteland by Kristin Keppler and Allisa Bahney: Book Review

Wasteland by Kristin Keppler and Allisa Bahney is the gritty kind of dystopian novel, with the tenacious, imperfect, and badass kind of heroines that melt me faster than a popsicle

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The Helion Band by AJ Mason: Book Review

The Helion Band by AJ Mason is a sci-fi space opera with a romantic subplot. Rose is on the run. After serving her mistress Queen Penthesilea with kindness, she is

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New Brighton by Helen Trevorrow: Book Review

New Brighton by Helen Trevorrow is a dystopian, sci-fi thriller, featuring a lesbian romance. Robyn Lockhart has lived in Brighton her whole life and has had no reason to question

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